Learn about the immune system of shrimp

  Shrimp and its disease resistance to pathogens are primarily based on the immune system. However, the immune system in shrimp in particular and crustaceans are generally not as developed as fish and other vertebrates because they lack membrane-capable cells, do not produce immunoglobins, In response to foreign intrusive antigens. Shrimp can contract diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi. The mechanism of disease resistance in shrimp and crustaceans depends mainly on the natural defense mechanism…

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If a crocodile onto the ground. How to escape from them

Crocodiles are species of amphibians, can live in both under water and on land. They are extremely aggressive and warlike. Each year, we noted many cases suffering from crocodile attacks and deadly. It is usually those when people fell into the water or violate our territory. So if we meet them in in on land? Many species of crocodile, about 23 species. Usually they are very little harm or attack people because the majority of…

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