Visit Phu Yen province on the biggest Tuna season…

In the morning of 6th January in Lunar New Year, fishing ports in Phu Lac (Dong Hoa district), the working atmosphere of fishermen is very urgently and bustle. On the wharf, hundreds of fishermen going back and forth, lifting, moving fish on dozens of vehicles. Under the terminal, hundreds of fishing boats are crammed, unloading fish on shore. Dr PY 90 458 fishing vessels of fishermen Nguyen Van Lang in Phu Dong (Tuy Hoa) with a capacity of 405 CV, specialized practice tuna fishing. After nearly 40 days at sea, the ship is also about to land and loaded with fish.
“This sea trip we caught 50 fish, tuna, weighing more than 2.2 tons. With the price of 85,000 VND / kg, excluding interest expense nearly 140 million. Although the Tet at sea, far from home but in return home this fishing trip you hit large divers are excited, each crew divided over 8 million parts “- said Mr. Lang excited. This same joy, Huynh Tan Phat fishermen, fishing vessel owners TS 96 743 PY in Phu Dong ward, said: “My Fishing vessels newly built last year, with a capacity of 765 CV. From launch to date , sea travel is 7 flights, trips always have interest from a few dozen million to hundreds of million. Particularly this trip, off fishing for nearly 40 days, more than 40 tunas were caught, weighing about 2 tons, excluding interest cost was about 90 million VND.

Only in the 8th January in Lunar New Year, about 100 offshore fishing boats for fishermen Tuy Hoa city simultaneously open sea, offshore fishing trip early. At this point, Da Forum estuary where only about 20 meters wide, deep water about 1.5 to 2 m, the fishing vessel to the door must have the support of the outside of the ship pulled out. Border checkpoints Da Rang (Don Border Tuy Hoa) with Ban Phu Cau creeks of the radio guidance for deep-water creek train properly to avoid running aground. On the shore, hundreds of fishermen of the household of the fishing vessel is also prepared to help when there fishing vessel ran aground off the door. However, due to strong northeast wind blowing did many fishing boats lost direction crossing the estuary should have filled more harder.

Duong Van Hoan, a fisherman, fishing vessel owners TS 96 581 PY in Ward 6, said the situation was multifaceted estuary sedimentation, fishermen do not we just take the train to minimize loading door run aground. If out of the estuary, the ship ran into Phu Lac fishing port to remove the ingredients (buy oil, ice, water …). The cost of this fishing trip more normal fishing trips, by taking local ingredients other than your partner should higher prices but also to accept. Just looking forward to this trip met stream catching fish, sailing safety …
Also in the 8th Festival, fishing port in Phu Lac has dozens of offshore fishing boats of fishermen Tuy Hoa City Terminal offshore fishing trip early. Pham Ngoc An fishermen fishing vessel owners TS 96 418 PY in Phu Dong Ward, said: “Last year sea fishing trip more than 1.5 tonnes of tuna and other seafood are also nearly 500 kg, close rates 100 million. from experience last year, before the New year, so Da Forum estuary sedimentation was so I took the train to Phu Lac fishing port to open sea anchorage to the first trip more convenient, avoid stranding like last year. ”
According to the Border Checkpoint Da Nong, private 8th Festival, more than 40 off-shore fishing boats of fishermen in Tuy Hoa City Fish Port Terminal Phu Lac Nguyen Ngoc Ry … Captain, Deputy Chief stations Border Checkpoints Da Rang room, said: “in just two days the 6th and 8th of Tet, the offshore fishing boats for fishermen Tuy Hoa city came through inlet station took around 110 ships. Don was the only Border Tuy Hoa maintenance of ready to rescue the fishing vessel ran aground at the mouth of the sea … “.

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