Hunting for the shark – the trail of death

While the children are sleeping on the sand in the final hour before the morning, Ndong Pathe pouring a full cans of diesel and a barrel filled with stone knives for the day. In Mbour, a poor coastal Atlantic City of Senegal, everyone is a fisherman are disguised, including the father of nine children, he faces being covered by the caps like the hat of baseball and Western Union goatee type phase-out-he. In the morning as the morning, Carpenter became a warrior wielding a knife. When I asked him what the Sea catch Ndong, the eyes of this age 43 man brilliant.

In about 10 million sharks are killed every year in the world, a number of quite lopsided caught by the fishermen as sporadic Ndong of Senegal. One of 100 sharks were reported to be caught from 2000 to 2008 was killed off the coast of Senegal, a country the size of the State of South Dakota.

Although the passengers left the aircraft of Air France often complained about the foul smell from the luggage compartment of the aircraft-have to about 1300 pound shark behavior in a week-the fishermen just to smell the money. A single large shark behavior can sell 80 dollars, while range from a 2 metre long shark can sell 300 dollars. That is a significant amount of money in a city of dropouts power system or anywhere in the country. Twenty-seven percent of men age 15 to 19 from Senegal. And because many people don’t read, they can’t leave the job search of hotels in Mbour, they must work around in other sectors, though.

When going through the garbage-filled markets Ndong from the Division of sea crabs, he dropped his tools on a 15-foot-long boat and drive it into the sea, shelled the dozens through the splenic dugout are other leave-all of which are painted by hand with the name of the wife and the daughter, and the other mysteries signs such as irises. Fishermen in the world invented many ways to catch the sharks. The Ga na often use grids. In Papua New Guinea, some fishermen catch sharks with Slipknot, looks like the cowboy name. However, in Senegal, people hit the shark to death.

At the beach, I asked a colleague of Ndong, Fara Ndiaye, for instructions. He cannot be used from in French, the language of our normal, so he’s taking action to replace. First, when his fingers hook into the cheek, I understand people hook into carrying the sharks. And animals, such as his arm estimate, 5 feet long. Then, abruptly, he pulled a piece of plank length 1 foot from the dugout side and smashing a fiendish way on sharks. Pounding, pounding, pounding. “Tu comprends”? He asked.

When the Sun is shining, Ndong set traps in the water. He took out the small bait fish 200 finger and using the rusty tree blades 200 crashing into them. Then he dropped the rope a main sentence size one kilometer into the waters of the great bones not far from the shore. When you drop the last line segment, he took out a carp and hull hit it into the boat. Continental sausage coating the fish enters the water. he stirred them like stir the sugar into the cup of tea. “There are many more blood and the fish will come to eat,” he said. A few days later, a fisherman more cruel, Modou Mbaye, cut his left thumb and hand in the water shark. It is one of the methods.

Today, the non-professional fishermen Senegak are forced to be creative. The former sharks often loitering near the country’s coast has declined significantly, according of Birima Fall, a researcher with the Wildlife Federation in the world. The regularity of the transfer only the fishermen of this certification. In the early 2000s, the industry sharks of Senegal are concentrated in St. Louis, the port near the Sahara, but shark oil refining industry of the city were closed, and the train hit the shark was moved to Guinea Bissau, a country the way 250 miles to the South. “One day, we will meet them in Cape Town”, Raoul Monsembula, biologists in the Greenpeace organization, said half-joking half truth.

At noon, the most valuable products of Ndong is a tree seems to fall off from one of the other boat. He prepared the White hand back the sentence line stick be scratch valuable fish of the ocean, the two rays.

“The rays are trying to replace the shark”, Sene Oumy Diouf, a researcher in Greenpeace, said then. The two predators such as manta rays are proliferate in the region of sharks, and because the fishermen are catching more fish at least, they are turning to catch rays, at least at the moment. “What is happening with the sharks,” Diouf said, “is about to happen with the rays”.

Out there on the water, Ndong looked very happy when he rammed into the manta rays and beating them in the head. Meat rays, he told me, can be fried. “If I can catch both sharks and rays, that would be a good thing,” Ndong said. The next day, he caught the four rays.

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