Exocoetidae Fish

Some people said that they can witness the Exocoetidae fly through the warm ocean waters around the world. The torpedo-shaped oblong help Exocoetidae generate enough speed to break through the surface of the water, and the large pectoral fins are shaped like wings to help them fly in the air.

People think it’s developed special flight is to escape enemies that they have so many. Those who pursue it include mackerel, tuna, swordfish, and other large fish. About us section, Exocoetidae also eat a variety of foods, including zooplankton.

There are about 40 species in Exocoetidae was discovered. In addition to the pectoral fins are very helpful, all with tail pointing are not equal, the shorter side on the bottom. Many species have large wide out to anal fin called four-roll fish.

The process, started by the great speed under water, about 60 km per hour. Create the corner towards the top four Exocoetidae, breaking the surface of the water and started sliding by clapping very fast tail when the tail is still in the water. Then they fly up in the air, occasionally reaching up to a height of 1.2 metres, and a short ride away from surfing, can come to 200 meters. Once it’s lowered near the surface of the water back, it might flap the tail and slide that is not totally in the country. With the ability to fly in a way like that, they have been recorded as can exceed a continuous long distance to 400 meters.

Exocoetidae are attracted by light, like a number of other sea creatures, and fishermen took advantage of this feature effectively. The boats, which contains enough water to raw fish but not enough for them to escape, are lamps to lure the fish at night, can catch dozens Exocoetidae.

Can fly high to Exocoetidae sailors often find them on the deck. Previously, the small boat to go fishing alone can be wrecked when met with the large herd of Exocoetidae.
Spawn season in March-4, pulled closer to shore in search of beach lay. White meat, delicious, the eggs are attractive. Vietnam has many sea species Exocoetidae (Exocoetidae jackfruit, Hanh Tri Exocoetidae), focused in the Sea Region, from Da Nang to Binh Thuan.

On March weather, people go to the sea often viewed trivia spectacular performances. Spring Bay, herds Exocoetidae kick up swimmers going to eat fat rửng suddenly soaring, not like the arrow zooms away, to then fall back to the sea.

Large, 2 the Exocoetidae weighs about 1 kg, 1 units/kg. The fish has a long and pointed FIN 2 sides as 2 oars, 2 arrow. He said the only flying fish Exocoetidae. Melon-striped fish, white meat and sweet. The Exocoetidae egg wrapped like a piece of small intestine of chicken, eat fat fit Bui as the egg sam. Fishermen use fishing nets under the stream and season.

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