Tuna tataki salad

This is not a traditional food of the people of South Korea, but the South Korean people will surely like this dish because it’s very palatable and nutritious. A sister have cooked this dish for me when I visited South Korea and it is truly delicious. Excellent tataki tuna dishes (crispy outside, inside is still soft and succulent) eaten with fresh, crispy fried garlic and vegetables the communities together so perfectly. Tataki is a Japanese word referring to the fish and the meat is cooked by baking the external profile and let the inside still alive.

Although prepared to cook salads but relatively more work than usual, but I find it worthwhile to do so, especially you are preparing special dishes for dinner. We also just enjoy this dish at the dinner a few days ago, it was so delicious, that’s not to mention it’s very nutritious to health.

Yellow fin tuna, split into 4 parts, each part 3 oz
Vegetable mix
1 bunch young radish (daikon sprouts)
1/2 chopped onion
6-cloves garlic (chopped thin)
3 tablespoons olive oil
Sea salt
Sesame seeds
Black pepper
-Sauce Dressing
4 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tablespoons ponzu sauce (kikkoman)
1/2 small spoon wasabi (Japanese green mustard)
1 tablespoon and 1 small spoon lemon juice

1. Make sauce dressing
Mix the mayonnaise, wasabi, ponzu sauce and lemon juice. Ponzu sauce is blended mixture of soy sauce and Yuzu and lemon juice. If you do not have available ponzu (but I recommend buying a few, they are used in many different dishes), substitute 2 tablespoons ponzu with 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 small spoon + little mirin + 1 tablespoon yuzu juice, small; or replace with 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 small spoon + little mirin + 1 small scoop of lemon juice + small spoon half way. Add wasabi to taste.

2. Prepare vegetables mix
Rinse and leave to dry salad. If you have lettuce leaves, washed and torn into chunks. Peel the onions and chopped into thin pieces.

3. The time has come for the seasoned fish
My tuna pieces are relatively large, so I cut two. If you should buy small pieces and type long. If should not cut them up into pieces that Mermaid tree.
Pieces of tuna-heavy size 1/2 pound.
Tuna has marinated in spices (to the left of marinated with lemon-pepper-lemon pepper; the right with sesame seeds)
Marinated tuna by sprinkle a little salt and lemon pepper JT up them, or simply sprinkle a little black pepper over all sides of fish pieces. Don’t give too much salt-salt is better than less. Finally Sprinkle sesame seeds over. To one side.

4. Do the fried garlic
Cut the garlic into thin pieces and fry them in olive oil 3 tablespoons in medium heat until they are Brown and crispy. Digital tracking because of the garlic slices very quickly golden brown. Back when one side Brown. The island of them with chopsticks is good for.

5. Fry the fish profile
Take garlic out of the frying pan, and of course also a little oil in the pan. Do not pour this oil because they are marinated with garlic. Turn on the fire to heat up oil (add a little oil if not enough of them) with medium, and when the oil pan medium hot FRY fish records, about 25-30 seconds per side.

When frying the fish pieces of 4 done, let it cool a bit and while you prepare the vegetables. Don’t let the fish in the Pan because it can be fried in hot pan. When cut, the pieces of tuna must be pink in the middle. I like the fish cooked over so I fried tuna a little long winded, you can fry the fish to less and live more.

5. cut tuna into thin pieces and give them up on green vegetables

6. Sprinkle soy Source sauce over tuna and vegetables. More reviews and crispy fried garlic turnips

Now you are ready to enjoy the excellent tataki tuna salad.

I have yet to do it yourself, but I think having diversity on this salad. You can use the salmon instead of tuna.

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