Fishing by the Southwest People Vietnam (pt2)

Freshwater rivers region has many loaches fish. There are two types of fish are fish loaches tire track eel loaches rice and fish. Loaches fish belly white rice, small bodies, the largest of the big toe, long gloves. Fairly large tire track eel fish, cotton camouflage themselves have long size 3-4 “inches” long children 5 “inches” from 500gram weight or more. Both fish are very fat loaches, especially tire track eel fishing. Lemon baked fish, curry warehouses or warehouses in technology is delicious family meal in a rural region.
In February, March lunar calendar, usually fishing loaches peasants with hoes rice. Scrapers made of iron, bamboo garden long investigation into officials. The holder rake taken away hoes, scrapers pressed aggressively for dug deep into the mud, keep hoes in that position and then pull sharply inwards where I’m standing. Such hoes dug deep to encounter fish in muddy loaches and will be caught in the teeth of iron hoes, people just need to remove the fish left on the boat. A low tides, when used hoes with fish cans loaches half or more.

Rice loaches fish caught by placing layers in the season up in the fields. Set the tire pretty relaxed but sophisticated. Peasants every sunset was worried as bait. Bait, only very fragrant roasted bran or detached crab and fish sauce mixed with determination and spirit, with clay pitcher. Fish bait loaches enjoyed this. Later, they also add anise, small bran mixed with roasted feedback, identify fish, crabs, worms … Prepare finished bait, to late afternoon it started to tire down the canoe. They paddle to land flap that wants to put the class, and then left the boat, wading into the water and pulled the boat under. They just took the boat just took the foot scrub clean background for the background layer by layer down a little valley, then get down to the base layer of soil just scrub is complete, plug pinned to a tree does not drift layer. Go mouth flowing down the stream layer to bait placed in the class put scented water drift away. Caught fish will swim upstream to find the smell of tire enters the mouth. Do not forget who put layers of grass collector or rice do to make the sign of the hump to the map layers are not neglected, if not to sign such a class to be optimistic because everyone has to several hundred layers.

Into April, May lunar calendar, people turn to fish farming rice loaches by forcing a beam of dry banana leaves to fish contact loaches. They also touched loaches fish along the apron hyacinth floating in the canal water into the grass season at the fish into the river in November, December.
Tire track eel fishing, there are two ways, which is set by apprehension or question need. Water May snatch one tire track eel fishing by bait shrimp. Tire track eel like fish rely on tree stumps as large as shells, seven sparse trees, cypress trees, peasants anchored boats under the tree this pair. They hook bait on hooks cloves. Lead anchor hooks used by a few three “feet” to the tongue quickly submerged and not washed. Very seasoned tire track eel fish eat, everyone met to eat the bait is working closely. Tire track eel fishing is also very strong, so when we caught the tongue, if a little slow twitch as they can pull the wires running into a tree very hard to recapture.

Catch fish by placing apprehension loaches (aka roller set, put jars, putting the ball), or drag the cow was called by the materials used to catch fish loaches. Peasants just put apprehension or drag cows started pulling water from May to the end of April lunar calendar, because this time and constant rainfall, river fish for copper should abandon the “apprehension” there will be no fish. Use the “wash” tire track eel fishing and catch sea perch, catfish, snakehead fish because these fish are more interested in where the rub, can we feel this apprehension of the “quieter” than to the “play” for fun. In the past, many fish, every day The drape it once, but it is a two or three day lift once because lull, at one move, all the people will no more hiding.

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