Basical of Shrimp

The shrimp are present in most of the world’s waters, saltwater, freshwater, brackish water. We are primarily fed aquaculture species today, has helped keep the price of this precious items in reasonable levels.

General information:
Shrimp is a species of crustaceans, a minor of arthropods (insects and spiders are minor). In particular, Malacostraca class, also includes crabs, lobsters and wood-boring insects.
Shrimp in English is Shrimp or Prawn? Quoting an expert in aquaculture industry: “no one in this world to distinguish differences.” Biologists actually know, but they differentiate them by the confusing details about the shell over another, not helpful for people to consume. Luckily, in the us, the Prawn was no longer of use, everything is shrimp, all sizes, but you can also see from the prawn in a number of Cook books.
A website in Australia say they are right (Biological) there, but in other parts of the world are used for large shrimp prawn, shrimp for shrimp is small, or where it can call another. FAO (food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) have abandoned and assign from prawn with fresh water shrimp and shrimp for shrimp saltwater – this is not true in terms of biology, but seems to be widely used.

Natural shrimp or shrimp?
The majority of the shrimp on the market today is farmed shrimp, some are raised in America, but mostly from the countries of Southeast Asia and Central America or South America. I’ve read the articles about natural shrimp taste compliments, but I still like more shrimp. I’ve been watching the articles of these fishermen caught shrimp are shrimp classification on the deck. Just under 20 percent shrimp in fresh fish and the rest of the nets were dumped back into the sea. For me, this is a waste of the resources of the sea.

Buy and reserve the shrimp:
There are hundreds of species of shrimp, but we’re buying shrimp, depending on the size and the price of shrimp available in local markets. The shrimp species depends on where they are and may change from time to time to have high productivity and antibacterial.
Luckily the lack of options has no effect too serious because all the shrimp taste similar, though if recipes require “freshwater shrimp” you can find the prawns by request if you want. The markets in Asia shrimp variety available to you the best choice from the live shrimp, fresh shrimp, the shrimp cooked or processed shrimp available.

The main problem is to buy fresh crayfish as possible (they are not strange smells) from a reputable source and have the best shape according to your needs. Then keep them cold until use. If you have not used within one day, make frozen them or buy them in frozen form. Use frozen shrimp for 1-2 months (they tend to be dry slowly).
If you buy the shrimp heads, essential for the European recipes or religion (or if you like to have a shrimp dish has a delicious country) Let’s cook them during the day or keep them in frozen form. Digestive enzymes in shrimp head tends to make the meat soft shrimp.
Shrimp paste is also sold in other forms, the most common being taken back under the photo and are explained below. These forms are important in the way Asian-style cooking.
The shrimp whole fish: fresh or frozen in advance. You buy this shrimp when demanding recipes shrimp heads and usually to make the dishes have more flavor-water prawns (with some special sauce) than with non shell remaining shrimp head. Whole shrimp need careful handling and very fresh. The sushi restaurant serves “Shrimps sweet”-meat shrimp used to eat with rice and shrimp live are brought down to the kitchen to fry the brittleness. When the head is raised, you have to eat out (unless you are a shy person)
The shrimp fresh, first: remove the shell still frozen or frozen first. Nothing much to say about the shell, but they also create slightly sweet water shrimp dish that I usually mixed into the water to fish. Shrimp can be fried in a brittle little oil before cooking.
Remove the shrimp heads, Peel and rips the back: this shrimp ready to cook and does not need any further preparation. Obviously this more expensive prawns shrimp left in shell. You will not have to make more freshwater shell but it would be a good solution if you don’t have the time and you will have the control when cooking them.
First remove the shrimp, peeled, boiled and back hooves: no more fresh water for the husk, uncontrolled when cooking, and perhaps being cooked too ripe. This shrimp is only good to look parki on salads.
Whole dried shrimp: usually sold in the Asian foodstuffs to doors used for soups and sauces. Just wash them (to remove salt) and cook according to the recipe. Two sizes are usually taken as in the photo, the largest about 4 cm long.
Shrimp powder: made of small prawns, grind and fermented with salt and oil to use in soups, sauces and Curry. Shrimp powder is an essential dish in Southeast Asia are available in the Asian foods, gates on the top right in photo.

Salted shrimp (Saeujeot: Korean) small shrimp (acetes) fermented with salt is used in soups and other dishes in China and South Korea (above left). This shrimp is closed in the jugs on display in the frozen area of the gates food South Korea, but because they too wear so I think we don’t need to (and one of the books of Korean cooking I have written: kept in frozen conditions within 1 year)

How to prepare raw shrimp:
Necessary tools and to prepare the shrimp to Cook is your nails. Keep always the shrimp cold until ready to peel and take the shrimp for meat on ice cold immediately after the Peel.
Cut the top of the shrimp. Shrimp meat is located mostly in the fuselage. Top shrimp cooked only take water.
Peeled Shrimp from the bottom, is the weakest of the shrimp. If you want to keep part of the tail shell shrimp, please hold tight the last part and peel the shell part near the top of the first.
Rips the back if necessary. In many parts of the world, this does not need to do, but Americans are so fussed about this stuff. “The road back” shrimp is a digestive organ long runs from the tail. Some shrimp not be fed long enough to empty the food in the street stoop, so ne16yu you do not see the way back, you do not need to remove it.

Cook shrimp:
Cook the shrimp as little as possible. The shrimp should be added to the last dish and just Cook for 3 or 4 minutes.
The shrimp is delicious cooking ingredients but you need them very fresh from reputable sellers.

Health and nutrition:
Shrimp, unlike some fish, low in the food chain should not focus species dangers of mercury. They are rich in protein, low in fat and good mineral content. (iron, phosphorus, zinc and posium) as well as micro-ta min B-6, B-12, biotin and niacin.
Some people don’t eat shrimp because they are classified as high Cholesterol. Today it is not a problem because people know that cholesterol in food is less absorbing people. Blood cholesterol virtually created within the body, and the shrimp was shown to have beneficial effects for the HDL/LDL ratio in any case.

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