Selection of breeder shrimp…


Breeder shrimp caught from the wild nature (In the case of black tiger shrimp), the selection of breeder shrimp for breeding will determine the success of the hatchery as well as the quality of shrimp broodstock.

By the source of breeder shrimp exploited in nature it is very difficult to control the disease as well as the quality and maturity, even health of the shrimp because in the fishing process, breeder shrimp is very affected. Some of the criteria for choosing the basic breeder shrimp are as follows:

Weight: Shrimp> = 100 gr, with males> = 60 gr, bright color, glossy, outward appearance without injury, complete genitals.

Environmental conditions breeding breeder shrimp:

Salinity: 28 – 34 Độ

Temperature: 28 – 300C

Dissolved oxygen 4 – 7mg / liter

PH: 7.6 – 8.2; Keep the environment stable

Density and ratio of male / female:

Arrange reasonable density to avoid pollution, disease as well as save on the cost of care and high delivery rates.

Raised aquaculture ponds with a density of 3 – 5 females / m2. Swimming pool 2 – 4 children / m2 (male / female ratio is 1/1). Regular selection of pre-maturing females is carried out in the cotyledons.

Feed and feeding regime:

Coordinate a variety of foods in the diet to ensure proper nutrition as well as eating habits of each individual.

Type of food: mixed feed, squid, oysters, clams, clams, sea worms, snails and beef.

Feeding Day 3 times: 8am, 17pm and 23pm.

The daily feeding volume is 10-15% of the total body weight of the mother shrimp during sex. Equal to 3 – 5% of total body weight of the mother prawn in the molting stage.

Water change:

Daily water exchange twice, every 100%, ensure clean water. Balance salinity and temperature between supply and water in the tank.

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