Fishing at Phú Yên (Vietnam) – The leisurely days

Phu Yen is a place not find crowded streets, where there are few bars and restaurants, where only the sun, wind and sea blue eyes untouched. Nearly 200 km long coastline, mountains reaching into the sea creating waist, bay lagoon makes all parts of the population heard of Phu Yen’m also much agitation.

Vung Ro, Cau Long Thuy and cliffs along the coast is the point of the rapids, the famous cages. People question question focused on the friend shrimp, fish of local fishermen or hire boats carrying out the islands in the area such as stone pagoda, Hon Kho, Hon Dua, Hon Lao … quite reasonable rents boats small composite, carrying up to 4 people and self-drive fishing, price: 200,000đ – 300,000đ / day. Quan said that not many people rent this format around the island because there is no place to anchor the boat. If fishing boat around, then fine, but to the question of the island, not smart landing will be prone to capsize. Guest sentences usually travel in groups, each one consuming only about VND40,000 20,000d- is transported out to the islands to question. Boat carrying out and late afternoon will be welcome.

To get to the city of Tuy Hoa, we must embrace a circuit ride to Long Beach Marine, from the center of the city of Tuy Hoa is about 10km. Long Thuy is here. Peaceful seaside village with green coconut balls blood spilled on the white sand. In the distance, Hon Chua, Hon Dua looming in early sunshine.

Clear sky and sunshine in June is hot at the top. We take the boat and his two friends accompanying hired to pick. Small boat carrying four of us surfing on the waves gently phasing Long Beach Marine behind, headed the Hon Dua. I feel excited too. Phu Yen to many times before but this is my first “tail” of local anglers fishing in the Hon. Only two young go listen to him tell stories last sentence alone is I had a “boyfriend” knowledge “specific regions”. They really are the discriminating angler. In carrying kit includes required, factory fishing, bait, fish bins, there are a lot of beer, closed dishes and coal, and … hats. On Hon nothing other than sun and wind. Here is perhaps the richest is sunny. Sunny surrounded on every side, the sun reflecting off the water salty meat burning hot to skin irritation. We hooded like Ninja, see each other only through the eyes, so that he and his friends are black trash. They, suntanned, smiling cheerfully and rustic to pride in every word about eating voice was like a typical representative of the people living in this land.

Only about 20 minutes as the boat was docked. We skirt the rock, steady seat and the question begins.

He brought a lot of bait, live shrimp, dead shrimp, fresh shrimp paste, dried shrimp paste for all. He spared no hand flush bait to get the smell of fish example. The procession winds push the water is dried under a stretch spread over the sea. he said that, as soon as all the dishes bait a long story. Dried shrimp paste bait to lure fish only. When the fish was coming, we know what kind of fish, the new hook bait they like to question. Nha Trang fish such as anchovies, the hook, fish hook Though mortality, but there must be fish live shrimp Counterfeit new bear it. Rub really professional! Technical questions his hand turned out that this is also the population question “has the cheek”, had the same worker caught fish flag other sentences given year.

Large countries, in the extractor. Dachi rapids sentence by sentence floating floats dedicated. Small crab that many concave restless cattle in the cave, I am, because I have read many documents, catch a hook on the hook and drop down the rapids. Seeing this, he asked me to do? I explained that, heard here are more coup, if the crabs live in, it will crawl into the cavity where the child resided mainstreaming, and so I will have specialties of the region. he laughed: “That is the curious, the bad luck.” Then he explained: “The sea all year round, it is easy to question. Just out shopping for fish guts and fish heads mesh pocket carry. Select a site that has many radiant stone, mesh bags placed at the end of the rapids, water flows out of the intestine carry water fishy fish, smelling the sea mainstreaming will come, then grab the fish intestine is soft hook on the hook as much as catching before! “Hearing him say see ham too, but unfortunately we did not anyone prepare the unique bait.
Less than 30 minutes after the discharge of prey, fish shoals and rapids leg crunch. I do not believe your eyes. Clear water clear Counterfeit fish pie to themselves, as long as the sea eel, catfish dark brown. Within an hour, we question the speed of all the fish caught almost 40 fish. Can not describe all our joy.
Seeing me wonder because not see grouper as promised, he laughs, “mai-one wants to question all summer grouper, cloudy water, inviting him into the cage in the Vung Ro. It is much bait fish discharge, according to eat grouper section “.
We do not question anymore, enlist a fire grilled fish. After lunch, the group lay on the rocks cool. Calm blue sea. Space only wind through the canyon, the sound of waves hitting the rocks. Recall the story of an ancient legend has him as he passed La Vong Phu Yen, unable to handle the sight of mountains and sea kindly be charming here stopped and sat fishing. High tide, he went to take up another rock to climb from the wet stack. The ancients did so, even today?
Phu Yen arrivals mainly go swimming at the beach or take the Tour. No more residents of the fishing community here to try. If someone then that is people who have friends or relatives in the area, fishing and dating.
To Phu Yen, the most visible is the question people at the scene cliffs along the coast. They stand by the floats dedicated, but as he assured, the central provinces who have not applied, is very effective as fish oil, Nha Trang, or fish Counterfeit …
Question often focus rapids from September to February lunar calendar, this time with a lot of fish offshore storm, the sea should eat fish on inshore. March to August, the sun, the rain was also silver both intense, so the big question when the water is often the more fish there. Sea is the most favorable sentence from February to October.

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