Sea turtles – “mascot” of the ocean

Sea turtles is one of the oldest creatures on earth. They have existed nearly 200 million years, longer than any dinosaur and has adapted well to the climate change. However, six of the seven species of sea turtles are in danger of extinction and that vision deteriorated although the trade in sea turtles has been banned in 166 member countries of CITES – the Convention on International Trade the health of endangered animals and plants. Now we can see it on your channel. Check it out!

Sea turtles are reptiles, lived perennial. In its development lifecycle, sea turtles through many different habitats, starting from the coastal sands, grew up in the coral reefs, sea grass and then drift off shore ocean headlines. To the breeding season, they returned to the reef to mate and return to the right place it was born to nest and lay eggs.

Sea turtles live in most oceans except the Arctic Ocean. Mature age to make friends, and sea turtles lay their eggs above the man, about 30 years old. Talking about turtles, perhaps the most admirable thing is the effort of the mother turtle spawning season. Not only because they know how to find the place, “he was born,” her to give birth the baby turtles but also by what the “excess land” was arduous and trying.

All sea turtles are nesting apply / drive the same, which is used to dig the sand pit enclosure, depth of about 40-50cm. After digging finished spawning, females start laying eggs, each nest eggs per litter is about 90-130 eggs. Done somewhere, buried his mother turtle sand to hide their nests. Sometimes, they also dug several other spawning grounds to distract enemies. All this process is fast, only about 30 minutes to an hour, often at night.
Reasons why the mother turtle spawning up at night because they are afraid of the light, afraid of noise. We choose the time tides, sea level ie approximately 3m from the sand. The scientists explain that the reason is because from birth to sexual maturity at Turtle (about 35 years), absolute sea turtles in the water and swim with his four limbs. Thus, four of them are very well detailed, but that’s just our strengths while at sea, even when they are very weak on the bank should have to wait for the water up to not lose power.

Time until the eggs hatch about two months, of course, also varies depending on the temperature of the sand. Temperatures in the higher sand incubation period as short. Outside temperature and decide the sex of the baby turtles.

To “good day”, stirred nest, the baby turtles themselves and the team blew sand cover emerges to assert “citizenship”. As an endowed instincts, the turtle children brandishing the tiny oars turn sand towards the sea. This is perhaps the most beautiful moment of turtles, as well as a beautiful image of the wild world.

However, for thousands of turtles are born, only a very small number of hatchlings survive, experts estimate this ratio ranges from 1 / 10,000 to 1 / 1,000, ie in a thousand to ten thousand turtles preterm birth, paying only 1 survived until adulthood.

The big threat from humans

Around the sea turtles are so many dangers and enemies of prey such as mice, snakes, civet, hawks … but with sea turtles in general, the main threat is the leading man.

Currently, sea turtles are caught and traded common in many places, even though this is illegal action. The number of sea turtles in the world are serious decline due to many reasons.

First, the human caught sea turtles indiscriminately aimed meat and apricot sold to tourists or approved as medicines. Estimates of the International Fund for Conservation of Nature said every year about 35,000 sea turtles were killed in Mexico, she and a similar amount was mined in Nicaragua out-goa.

The habitat of sea turtles, coral reefs, are devastated and severely reduced activity by using mines to fishing by humans.

A large amount of sea turtles also die accidentally caught in fishing nets of fishermen that they can not breathe resurfaced soles and gradually suffocate. At Bay
Bengal, particularly in 2007, nearly 1,000 sea turtles have died trapped in fishing nets.

In particular, the sandy beaches where the turtles reproduce human being seriously violated. This has affected the mother turtle laying eggs and survival of hatchlings. Not only the other animals, even humans become objects stolen turtle eggs.

Many sea turtles die due Fibropapillomatosis disease, a disease that causes tumors in turtles. This tumor grows in the skin, mouth or eyes. This gradually developed tumors in both quantity and size until the turtle died.

Cause finally caused the decline in the number of sea turtles is due to global climate warming. Because the temperature of sand will play a decisive role in determining the gender of the turtle. The higher the temperature, the more the number of females. Many scientists are concerned that the temperature continues to rise, it will greatly affect the gender balance of sea turtles.

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