If a crocodile onto the ground. How to escape from them

Crocodiles are species of amphibians, can live in both under water and on land. They are extremely aggressive and warlike. Each year, we noted many cases suffering from crocodile attacks and deadly.

It is usually those when people fell into the water or violate our territory. So if we meet them in in on land?

Many species of crocodile, about 23 species. Usually they are very little harm or attack people because the majority of them only about 2 m, only six of the 23 species may attack humans.
Six species of crocodiles are capable of attacking humans, including: Nile crocodile, the saltwater crocodile, Marsh crocodile, American crocodile, American alligator and crocodile black.

An adult crocodile is usually 2-5 m, individualy the species can reach 7 m. For example the African crocodiles can reach 6 m and weighing almost a ton.
The swimming speed of the crocodile is about 32 km/h, so it is difficult for people can escape bởibởi’s swimming velocity we just reached 7.24 km/h.

The crocodile’s jaws are designed to hold, tearing and crushing the food not to chew food. The function of them created the biggest bite force in the animal world.
For example, the force of the African crocodile’s bite can be up to 2.6 million kg/m2, and an American crocodile is 1.5 million kg/m2.
In addition the tail of them is also an effective weapon. Pretty tough when crocodiles can swim continuously for 2-3 hours in the water, but their power is reduced when on land.
So if the crocodile chasing people on shore, then we will we be rid of sharp teeth?
In crocodile on land, moving with the speed pretty much smaller than in the water, only about 13-14 km/h, the fastest crocodile species also have only the speed of 17 km/h.
Meanwhile the human running speed when in danger of up to 24 km/h.

So you think humans are likely higher to escape a crocodile. But they also have a different secret weapon is much more dangerous.
Crocodilians inherited the Kingdom of reptiles in ancient style so they are capable of fast speed increase when reaching 12 m/s within just 0, convergence was.

About the time that humans could only just retire. Within 4 m back then we only can receive enough owls bite of crocodile before promptly recognize their presence to that run.
Not only that, the innate crocodile quite lazy athlete, was born with a computer waiting very patiently. They are kind of the hunters ambush.
They often wait for fish or terrestrial animals up close, then attack.

Deep fish’s prey is usually fish, sometimes deer or other small animals. However there are also noted on the case of the crocodiles eat people like deep fish on the Nile, Egypt.

In 2014, we calculate that there are 66 service crocodile bites, but usually happens under water due to people violating areas or tease them.
So we have to how to escape when run with this tremendous enemies on the ground?

The answer is quite simple. Crocodiles are quite slow when on land. So we can completely escape the crocodiles on land by running the zic zac.
But the amphibian species but the crocodile was pretty much strength when run on the ground, they are weak in terms of running over people and do better when swimming in the water.

So when running the zic zac will cost of alligators, we can run the escaped.

Also, to see the crocodile on land, we can escape by another way, that is the climb up the tree.
This way is also quite effective when it encounters a crocodile perched persistent. crocodiles do not know should this way certainly Nuthatch will be effective. But you must be sure to climb quickly enough and was not far behind.

Also if you see alligators under water, the ability to get rid of you quite low but still not all. you try to fight it, not like sharks, crocodiles don’t like the prey are likely to resist.

So if see alligators under water, take advantage of everything to fight against. In addition, the experts also recommend attack on crocodile eyes because this is the weakest point of them.

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