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The dried fish of Japan

September 20, 2022 admin 0

Dried and processed food is an important part of the culture of traditional Japanese food in centuries; its legacy continues to the present day. These foods are called kanbutsu, and in this post we talk to three types of fish […]

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Arapaima gigas – The king of Amazon river

September 7, 2022 admin 0

Please tell to someone about an enormous river fish which is on the menu, they will want to see how it looks right now. Good luck, let the chef from introduced species of fish to walrus less known, the majority have a […]

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Anchovy Fish

May 31, 2022 admin 0

Anchovy is a species of fish in the ocean moves are found in many different environments. It is an important food source for humans since Roman times, when that Anchovy was used in many dishes, including fish called garum fermented […]

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Flathead (Platycephalus indicus)

May 24, 2022 admin 0

There are more than 40 species of Flathead are found in Australia. Dusky Flathead are members of their biggest Platycephalidae Flathead, there are more than 30 species, at least 14 species that are caught by the sentence so far. The […]

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Exocoetidae Fish

January 28, 2022 admin 0

Some people said that they can witness the Exocoetidae fly through the warm ocean waters around the world. The torpedo-shaped oblong help Exocoetidae generate enough speed to break through the surface of the water, and the large pectoral fins are shaped like wings […]

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Greater Amberjack

January 3, 2022 admin 0

Greater amberjack or amberjack fish which is best known in Australia: Kingfish, yellowtail, scientific name: Seriola dumerili, distributed in many parts of the world such as India-Pacific, Red Sea, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan. In Vietnam, there are fish in the […]