Arapaima gigas – The king of Amazon river

Please tell to someone about an enormous river fish which is on the menu, they will want to see how it looks right now. Good luck, let the chef from introduced species of fish to walrus less known, the majority have a telephone handset.
“Many people took out the phone and Google immediately. It is also the species of the fish looks so pretty anymore, “Shaw Longs, Chef of restaurant Lukabu in Thiene said that.
Arapaima gigas, freshwater fish species have well sourced in the Amazon River basin. It has the face looks more like birds than the fish, and it was a big fish. According to FAO, it may be up to 9 feet and weighs 450 pounds.
But the true Monster species in the fish history walrus is human, has depleted the number of mined natural fish. Currently a sustainable fish farming initiative is trying to restore it in the wild at the same time to introduce it to consumers all over the world.
“I don’t want to use a slogan prepar seeds, but it is considered the King of fish in the Amazon region,” Adrian Burstein of the airline ArtisanFish in Aventura, Flo., said. The airline are marketing and wholesale fish farming for retailers and business people to serve us food.
The size of this fish is not the only thing that made it special; It also breathes air. Because of the low oxygen levels of the Delta gates on the river by flood waters form the walrus, fish developed a bubble pool complement brings. Fish the Walrus is coming up to breathe the air every 10 to 20 minutes and while it was over water, it can also shoot a bird on the banks of the river. But near the surface making it closer to the hands of hunters. It is listed as threatened species in category II of CITES in 1975.
The ability to breathe air of it also makes it attractive to those who farmed fish because they can feed it in areas of low oxygen levels. According to FAO, the Walrus is particularly suitable to feed than other species of fish living in freshwater regions of South America. It has the fastest growth rate among the fish species are raised in the Amazon region, it eats the food although it is carnivorous species and no bones in the body meat.
Marine fish farming initiative, appeared in Peru and called the Amazon project, started nearly six years ago. Burstein said the project started with the thorough research focused on the development of feed and select the best quality meat on the side.
“We also drop the fish of our sea down the Amazon River to help increase their number,” Burstein added. “Hopefully in the next few decades we have success stories.”
Walrus, fish were fed food pellets made from soybeans and small amounts of fish meal, need 18 months to grow to a size of exploitation is 22 pounds. They also are raising with a density of ladies in the ponds.
“I’d say it’s like natural ecosystems,” Burstein said. “The water in the breeding farms are filtered by natural substances. It is a like a small water flowing through swamps and grassy areas in clean water. ”
Farm produce 100,000 pounds a year. Burstein says the u.s. is the largest market. Exports to France and also have potential markets in Britain, Spain and Chile.
A challenge in the introduction of this species to the import approval process is long because the CITES status of it, whether it be livestock. Sea fish will soon be available in Canada, where it was approved the import of only a few months ago, “Burstein said.
CA-two-Salma-chienKể from when entered into two years and a half ago, American fish walrus just sold in the restaurant. Wholesale prices start around 16 to 18 dollars a pound for the chef, but has dropped to 12 dollars a pound because of the increase in output.
On the retail side, Burstein are negotiated with the main supermarket chain and expect it to be available on the stalls in this year.
“I think it will be a good fish for retailers because we think the fish are fish against Navy was accident faked,” he said. The fish had high collagen content of walrus, meaning it has the meat succulent but sure. “Many people are really afraid of fish processing at home-it’s very susceptible to fire, stick it in the pan. That doesn’t happen with walrus. ”
Awareness of the age also is a challenge of the walrus.
“It’s a big challenge and attempt to introduce this fish go to the level it actually shows you this industry has become the force of change,” Burstein said. “The distributors don’t do this. They want the chef to order, so we have to work with the chef. ”
Have you noticed the fish walrus have been some basis initially after some cooks prefer them.
“Fish walrus have the best effect when you have the real top chef-the chef format into the dining room and chatting with customers,” he said.
CA-two-Salma-nuongAdam said that operating English Acre restaurant has a southern chef, Wally famous Joe, started to introduce fish to Walrus in July last year.
“We asked people to offer our fish are fish delicious food and he said walrus fish has just appeared on the market, and 100% is adopted,” he said.
Adam initially don’t know fish walrus have incredible bone structure and cut it the wrong way. The first time that I decided to fry its profile with little olive oil and salt and see what happens.
“The first Thing I noticed, not unlike the fish I saw before, it creates a crispy layer on the outer surface in a natural way-almost the same crispy fried pig skin, almost like tempura. Crispy fish wrap this class, adding to the structure of meat great for it, “he said.
Density makes this fish can be cooked in many different ways, including grilling, frying, fried, stewed or baked. It also diversified to do many more dishes.
“It may be right to do snacks, like salad, but (with a heavier flavor) it doesn’t taste by ACE as it more meat and rich in nutrients,” he said.
I have it on the menu of fried fish dish pit side on to Columbia (sonchoco) are cooked with a little jade tree and banana plants leaves and add the coconut milk, served with beans and chanterelle with price 29.
He also served this fish on Vietnam-style green papaya dishes for the price of 28 dollars. First it was soaked in salt water for several hours, sous vide in 30 minutes and then baked to give it a little taste of smoke.
This dish is very popular by the customers of the restaurant of Acre, who tend to prefer the adventure aspect.
“It’s hard to sell something strange and new,” Adams said. “We have many customers are very interested in any what we put on the table. What we need to do is explain it like Chilean sea bass fish and black cod, and how people can contact it with two fish species. They listen to us, and they love it. “

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