Anchovy Fish

Anchovy is a species of fish in the ocean moves are found in many different environments. It is an important food source for humans since Roman times, when that Anchovy was used in many dishes, including fish called garum fermented juice. Anchovy oil fish, meat is darker, many people like to indulge in salads and pizzas, while others prefer white meat fish than mediocre anchovy.

Anchovy is a small fish in a silver blue. Anchovy usually rarely longer than 12 cm. Fish into large, making them vulnerable to capture by humans as well as animals of prey. Anchovy eat plankton, and in turn, provide food for many other animals, some of which follow the flock of Anchovy to ensure regular nutrition sources. A flock of Anchovy move can be an exciting scene when they swim near the water, with the sunlight reflects from thousands of fish.

Some people often confuse it with the sardine fish, white fish species herring herring in the card. Sardine fish larger than it, lived in many different countries, and the region has many different body characteristics. Six species of Anchovy is widely caught for food. All of them have the typical open mouth, and muzzles are green or blue will reflect light silver when in the water.

Because the anchovy has been heavily fished in the centuries, fish in some areas are threatened. With the use of the drag net boats, scientists know that it is facing environmental catastrophes, and give advice to impose the regulations controlling catches it before it is too late. As a result, many countries have adopted the more specific regulations for anchovy fishing industry, because they know the consequences of overfishing core fish nourish many species of other large predators.

Anchovy is usually consumed in the form of the fish has been preserved, the fish is usually marinated and soaked in salt water to oil can use year round. Anchovy can also be marinated with salt granules, in this case they are soaked and washed before use. It is preserved with raw bones, because small fish and soft bones are edible, and because the fish are too small to fillet the fish is not realistic. Anchovy is also used fresh, usually baked, wrapped in other dishes, or mixed into pasta sauce.

Anchovy does not seem to be appreciated by consumers, because the fish are actually very rich in fats contain omega-3 highly beneficial for health, and the darker the flesh doesn’t contain more mercury with other white meat fish. Anchovy flavor offers complex and featured in the supplements can do many famous dishes of the Mediterranean region, where the fish has to integrate into the community during the centuries. Those who consume the courage may also eat the Anchovy processing products directly as they are beneficial to health, though Anchovy taste more delicious when they are made by the other food subside.


Some common Anchovy species in Vietnam


Commerson Anchovy

Stolephorus commersonii

Long trunk, right side. Relative to the head. Slightly pointed snout. Length folded 4.4-5.2 times high and 4.2-5.0 times length of head. Eye to eye ointment, membranes, there is no way around two wide eyes. On the jaw bone, bone, cane leaves password has small teeth. Wide slots, combs brought squash, thin and hard. Circular scales, to moderate, very easy. Starting point of the dorsal fin is located in the back of the pelvic fins, starting near par with the genesis of the anal fin. The anal fin is large,. White body, on top of two green dots, side has a vertical white stripe of silver.

Length 50-70 mm

Caught year round, focus in September-3

Tools: grid fins, pull the bottom of the grid, vertical blinds

Eat fresh, dried, make sauce



Spined anchovy, White anchovy

Stolephorus tri

Long trunk, right side. Relative to the head. Short snout. Length folded 4.8 times the height and 4.6 times the length of the head. The eyes are relatively large, with no fat membrane of the eye, the distance the two wide eyes. On the jaw bone, bone, cane leaves password has small teeth. The slot wide, long and bearing small comb. Circular scales, small, easy to fall. Have a dorsal fin, located at the starting point of the ventral fins starting later, before the start of the anal fin. White body, side have a silvery longitudinal stripes. The white fin, tail fin own green.

40-55 mm

Caught year round

Tools: Grid fins, blind, pull the bottom grid.

Eat fresh, dried, make sauce


Indian anchovy

Stolephorus indicus

Cylindrical fuselage, somewhat flattened sides. The head is relatively long. The snout. Folded length 4.9-5.3 times the height and 4.0-4.9 times the length of the head. The eyes are relatively large, with no fat membrane of the eye, the distance the two broad eyes, slightly rough up. Tip of the jaw on the slot length. On the jaw bone, bone, cane leaves password has small teeth. Wide slots, history brought many bearing fake development. Circular scales, easy to fall. There is a relatively large dorsal fin is equal to the starting point of the middle of the distance from the ventral fin to anal fin. The pectoral fins. Small pelvic fins. White body, side has a long white stripe of silver, the top has a green dot. The dorsal fin and tail fin is green, white fins.

90-100 mm

Caught year round

Tools: Grid fins, pull the bottom of the Grid, vertical blinds

Fresh food, make sauce, dried


Gray Anchovy Anchovy, Chinese

Stolephorus chinensis

Long, cylindrical, slightly flattened side. The relatively small head. Snout short, slightly curly. The eyes are very big, no lining. About how the two broad eyes, slightly rough up. Wide nostrils in the middle of the immediate border to the tip of the snout. Wide mouth, at the bottom, the skewers. On the 2 jaws have teeth. Slots bring very wide. Thin operculum bony and slippery. Gill membranes adjacent stick slightly. A brief history of the long and relatively much bearing. Have brought.


Length 60-130 mm

Caught year round

Drag NET, Mesh d

Fresh food, make sauce

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