How to improve the quality of shrimp before harvest


During the shrimp culture, the farmers have implemented the key conditions to help shrimp grow normally. However, in the last month of harvest, before shrimp harvest, it is necessary to pay attention to improve the quality of shrimp farming which will help achieve high economic efficiency. It is necessary to check the environmental factors as well as the signs of disease in the body of shrimp, timely provide effective solutions to avoid damage caused by shrimps such as depleted shrimp, beard, Pornlerd Chanratchakool disease and Protozoa disease.

1. For shrimps with worn tail, bearded
– Cause: Poor quality and quantity to make shrimp hungry each other. The bottom of the pond is dirty, the bacteria thrive on the accessories, feet of the cow, feet of the swimmer, beard worn foot, worn tail, bearded.

– Expression:
+ Shrimp swim slowly, catch prey poorly, grow slowly.
+ Whiskers, tails, beef feet are worn black, on the body of the shrimp are more milling.

– Treatment:
+ Caught by the hungry shrimp tail to eat each other, adjust the increase in feed just enough, a time after the healthy shrimp moults the worn out in the tail will run out.
+ If the tail, bearded by bacterial attack, the use of norfloxacine antibiotic 7g / kg of food use continuously for 5 days to prevent disease. At the same time enhance vitamine C to enhance resistance to shrimp.
+ Using chemical formol, BKC kill bacteria, fungus, protozoa.

2. For shrimp with Pornlerd Chanratchakool disease on the body
– Reason:
+ Due to the poor quality of water management, some species of fungi, protozoa on the shrimp body flourished, making shrimp difficult to moult and grow.
+ Due to the dirty pond bottom, the toxic gas environment causes shrimp to operate poorly, creating favorable conditions for fungi and protozoa to stick to the shrimp body.

– Expression: On the body of shrimp with a layer of viscera, thick shell of shrimp makes it difficult for shrimp to work prey and growth; Shrimp have the phenomenon of fragmentation, uneven development, slow growth.

– Treatment:
+ Good management of pond environmental factors such as pH, alkalinity, transparency, oxygen.
+ Use formol, bactericidal BKC, fungus, protozoa in combination with water change 20-30%.
+ Strengthen nutrients such as vitamin C to improve resistance; Mix the squid oil into the food to stimulate the shrimp to catch prey.
+ Using microbiotics such as EM1090, AS1 and AS3 450g / 1,000 m3 to decompose the dirt on the bottom of the pond due to organic deposition.

3. For soft-shell shrimp
– Expression: soft shrimp body, meat is not full shell.

– Cause: Due to bad pond environment, poor catching of shrimp, inadequate nutrition, lack of minerals, slow growth of shrimp.

– Treatment:
+ Improve water quality, periodically replace 20 – 30% water in the pond. Use high quality foods that are nutritious (protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals …).
+ Use dolomite lime 50kg / 1,000 m3 to increase buffer, pH stabilization.
+ Using EM1090, AS1 and AS3 microbiology 450g / 1.000 m3 to improve water quality, stabilize environmental factors, decompose the dirty substances at the bottom of the pond.
+ Increase some minerals such as calcium and phosphorus 5g / kg of food to help hard shell shrimp.

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