Fishing in Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc is well-known to be a marine tourism paradise with sunshine, blue sea, white sand, coral reefs and fish gorgeous full boat. In the program “Phu Quoc Tour”, the tour company are designed to add the “Fishing run” in order to increase the attractiveness to tourists because this is an ideal place you can fish year round.

Score 3 – 4 is the time of season. Spring breeze as the kinky girl often fickle light north south direction, want to secure fishing zone off the island or islet May Rut Dun. Thoi is also divided into two camps, the sea side and the other side calm. From May to October is the season South wind, boats are often moored inside the reef area or park Ong Doi Sao nose northeast. Entering November, when the wind moved his Chướng overflow, the angler to “migrate” to the Doi Moi islet, islet Nail southwest of the island.

Just on the heels of a hand helmsman’s enthusiasm can put passion. They often come longtime fisherman, knows the wind, can see the flow of sea water to determine how smooth song, any song being turbulent season, the fish that what is clung. Phu Quoc is an island with rare types of fish reside, including many species of the specialty and is the dream of conquering the urban population as red grouper, grouper Info …

There are two schools of fish in Phu Quoc

Fishing “run”.
Fishing “run” the ship was simply “run” and people (on the train), then sentences. Hearing that, but also to experience its full ballast but not articulating. Sewing own bait and hook bait alone was cumbersome. The bait fish is alive and well and hook them on hooks so they still swim around under new vessels are fishing lure. Many helmsman also teach visitors how to recognize where fish swim with the stream. This type of question should pay attention to keep the wire balance, knowing when to collect cord fish bait click. Lesson lightning must fall immediately and not everyone is perfect practice. So are people who eat fish bait down, someone sweating without shock was “discovered” yet. The fishing equipment was simple and lovely, just the cans or bamboo tubes wrapped a few dozen meters of fishing line, some hooks sharp tongue fresh fish or squid as bait was able to “battle”. Whoever fished big or small is both boats making boisterous cheers both waters. Fresh fish, scales glistening in the water is pulled up immense excitement of everyone. Fishing boat lurched, rocked when big waves slithered past human face reddened as sun and wind, because of all the exuberant joy that brings the joy of fishing.

Fishing “run”

As the movement has grown fishing relatively organized as now, the fishing started following the trend of the world is sports fishing, ie the question to put passion and uphold the challenge yourself . The participants not only love fishing but also the research and thoughtful investment in all kinds of questions as necessary tools, machine, line, bait … in accordance with the style they choose and pursue. They know how to use fake bait, knowing how is the Jig, the Pop, the question style of “anglers” International. For all the above reasons, can put them into the professional angler groups.

Since late October, when the wind started Chướng weather was also at the Con Dao Sea unstable professional groups started the move by Phu Quoc route through this area is less affected by wind distention. Through the forums, they grouped people with “gu”, or simply those who have some spare time overlap, and assembled into groups to reduce the cost of the hire.

Every trip is a once sea the meticulously prepared, they carry no less than the required 04 machines (01 sets the live bait, trolling 01 sentences, 01 sentences, or sentences Pop Jig, 01 squid, fish banks or rock fish and 01 reserve). Also need and machinery, accessories and accessories to like hooks, bait, shock leader wire, pliers, scissors … and life jackets are indispensable items.

 Depending on the condition of each person, they buy airline tickets to Phu Quoc or an express ride from Saigon to Rach Gia, then take the train to Phu Quoc (solutions not only save costs but also plenty is a pleasant experience). They also buy food to bring to the food on board for a period of 2-3 days. They often choose to buy a professional fishing boat tour.

Professional ship is carrying vessel anglers only. The ship is equipped locator, fishing range, with living room and sleeping 4-6 people fishing for excluding crew accompanying, someone cooking, columns, on wires, hook bait , fishing assist guests. In particular, the captain had a lot of experience and impressive reputation injecting enough for 3 days and nights, just to inspire both visitors sentence was reassurance in times of days at sea or fish. This vessel type is very rare in Phu Quoc.

Due to fishing enthusiasts, a few members of the fishing club Phu Quoc organized shopping tour the ships’ professional fishing “and this is almost the only choice for professional anglers want to question when sea ​​in Phu Quoc.

Chairman of the club is a localized citizen (he’s also an investor), the two remaining owners are genuine urban intellectuals but have a lot of experience on the sea and passion for the sea, hardly anyone Packaging . Not only serve sentences at the point famously neighborhood Thoi archipelago, they are not managing time and painstaking exploration of new fishing grounds such as pants daoTho Chu in the southwest of Phu Quoc, a place very wild with a lot of fish are being proposed to establish marine protected areas. Enthusiasm, dedication, dare to take the lead, take risks … may be the reason to help them succeed. They have helped bring a lot of fun for those fishing sports enthusiasts, want to challenge in the sunny south coast this wind.

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