Strange story about a lobster which released for freedom

A 17-pound lobster has been bought from a restaurant’s fish tank and drop it back to the nature for please some local children this week. Now we can see it on your channel. Check it out!
Harry Janes is the guy who live in Connecticut said that he knew the lobster and give it the nicknamed “Lucky Felipe” is probably lived 80 years achieving the current size and feel of stars referred to many of the city’s most worthy to be lived.
“This lobster has witnessed in World War I, World War II, witnessed humans landed on the Moon and the Saigonheat team won the World Series. It has experienced that until this moment in my life, “he told The Day of New things.

Aquatic: Savior Harry Janes, was taken while riding the train, to the right, heading out to sea with fishermen Myth Kiss after he paid an undisclosed sum of money to save the Lucky lobster Felipe.

“With a lobster live long like this and avoid the traps, nets, cages for catching lobsters … it is not commensurate with aprons and butter.
First heard about the lobster by local children have witnessed Felipe at the Dock in Waterford, he was very interested, especially after rumors that someone had put before it for an upcoming lobster meal.
Until then, the lobster was closing the restaurant manager for the curious child view, with xướt stains on the arm that she said to prove.
He didn’t say you pay for how much money to save the restaurant Felipe out of menu on Tuesday, but told the newspaper: “I just said that it was the most expensive lobsters I’ve ever eaten”.

Rescue operation: purchased from Aquarium restaurant due to sympathy following the rumors about lobster Felipe throughout the city, it was dropped on the Ocean on Tuesday with a mission to rescue.

Buyers: Harry Janes, age approximately 80 with Felipe, prawns have survived too long to end up in the pot, pushing him to buy.
He brings the shrimp to sea Tuesday, drop it into the ocean in a secret location, which he said would be very difficult for the fishermen who drag nets.
“They drag the grid during the day, so if it’s out of the region, hope will be the night”, Steve Wilson, who worked with Mr. McKenzie at a local Marina and helped him drop lobster out, said.
With the escort of a group of children shouted “To Philip”, lobster also received greetings from the Niantic River Bridge Authority, who played out the final whistle to lift the bridge when the ship carrying it headed out to sea.

Trip to with freedom: with the escort of Group of children shouted “Felipe to live” from the banks, the shrimp were released into the sea at an undisclosed location.

Freedom: the more requires wire after cutting, the lobster was dropping gently down to the sea at the site is believed to be very difficult for the fishermen who drag nets.
However, McKenzie kept a memento of this experience, there are two pieces of thick rubber around the column as Philip to avoid it pins any person.
Asked whether Felipe will say anything if it comes to be, he’s smiling says:
“I think we will get the Shalltank card from it next week”.

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