Sea urchin

Japanese means “uni”, “sea urchin” in English, It is very famous in many countries, but perhaps not by Japan, sometimes very funny situations when some fishing vessel of China and North Korea beat real spikes in the sea of Japan bridge burglar and export back to Japan after that.
There are many types of bridges, some very good, some that are acceptable and some not. This article is about the most commonly used Urchin species in Japan.

Urchin species Ezobafun-uni, or Kaze, or Kanze is preferred for in spring, was caught off the coast of Hokkaido. When fresh, the meat of it very firmly and flavored food such as nuts. The eggs are yellow, very beautiful, it is also beautiful as sushi nigiri or guncan.

Urchin type Kita Murasaki in Uni market early summer and autumn, with the number size 12000 tons, also from Hokkaido. Its color a bit more yellow. Urchin was widely imported from Russia (6200 tons), the United States (2600 tonnes), Chile (2100 tonnes), Canada (800 tons), and Korea (300 tons). Nigiri sushi is great. The demand spikes of good quality is solid, the shape intact, and left a yellow in the shell of it or on the chopsticks.

Urchin Chile is considered among the finest imported species and has a special attraction. It’s very nice when doing the gunkan sushi. Red Urchin Aka uni, although in lower categories, are considered very delicious food. Its eggs are used to prepare a variety of dishes.

A young Urchin, looking more like Rambutan fruit, Black oxide. Still at large, Urchin having round flattening, about 8-10 cm diameter, thickness of 3-4 cm. when large spikes can Bridge to trendy Orange, about three fingers thick.

There are many ways to cook from the bridge, at the restaurant, Urchin is made simple, retain maximum nutrients, exotic taste of the dish.

Fresh Enjoying

Urchin want to eat delicious fresh, true to life as fresh as possible. This fat makes the main value of the Urchin dishes eaten alive. A very simple: Urchin living double split, rinsed the thread veins inside, a little mustard and soy sauce into beaten up and then enjoy. Fat of Urchin eggs together mustard’s pungent flavor will taste so unforgettable for this dish.

Grilled with Fried-stir onion

It was be washed and use a pair of scissors, for in less fat, onions and grilled on charcoal stoves. When meat demand spikes turn yellow with the scent of grease is can start enjoying. Add a dash of lemon pepper salt will do the dish became so delicious and tasty.

According to the study, Urchin having kidney tonic effect, laminated, enhance, there is also a dish enhances calcium to the body. However, nutrient-rich seafood and many drugs only according to the season. At the present time should enjoy demand spikes, as it was the breeding season should demand spikes are more eggs and are very big. Diners can find buy fresh spikes in demand, with price/3 10usd.

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