Sea bream – The Important roled Fish on future

Sea Bream pointed to many species of fish are very popular when used for food, particularly in Europe, Japan, despite such famous seafood, sea bream still maintain the number of lots in most places in the world and is sometimes considered the sport fishing fish. This is the fish species present throughout the world. Sea bream is preferred because the white meat, mild taste, is considered one of the most delicious white meat fish.

Sea bream is a part of the fish in the CARP lives in the sea. They carp also known as porgy. These fish have distinctive characteristics that make them very easy to recognize. First, they are relatively flat. The line from dorsal fin area to the front of the fish down very quickly create the fish has a flat appearance, especially when looking at the side.

The shape of the fuselage of the sea bream is its main distinguishing characteristics. Their color varies from species to species, mostly from the region of water and Habitat. For example, in the brackish, sea bream, with dark gray and black tones help the fish blend in to the surrounding environment. In other regions, some species have bright red color shows they had fish of species diversity. The teeth of many species of sea bream wide and flat, suitable for it to chew the small clams and crab.

Sea bream is found in all the oceans of the world and all types of water temperature, depending on the species. Some species like the warm or cold water. Because of the widespread distribution of them, they are a popular food fish in many cultures, especially the places near the ocean.
Perhaps these fish species are considered to be the most common sea bream, sea bream, Europe. The scientific name is Pagellus centrodontus. This fish has a silver, but there are also red and yellow ball, as individuals. It has more in the oceans around Europe and was viewed as the fish that live in temperate waters, like cold water, but not too cold.

There are also species of sea bream lives in the Atlantic, off the coast of America, and the Caribbean. These species include Sea bream Atlantic (Archosargus rhomboidalis) and species of fish called sheepshead. Both love to enjoy the subtropical waters and are often spotted in the area, such as Slipcover in coral reefs or under the piers.

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