The situation which difficult to explain in dried seafood industry

Dried seafood is a commodity that visitors often choose each time to the central provinces of Vietnam. Even, it is considered as branded items in these provinces. However, there is one question that many consumers in place, whether it’s dried seafood can ensure food safety or not?

The empty land plots near the fishing port Hon Ro, Phuoc Dong, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province has always been fully utilized. Any object that, empty plots of land can also be a place for the exposure presented seafood.

Inside the canal filled with garbage, even the locals is difficult to bear even for a few minutes, so that’s where dried fish processing operations still occur regularly every day. Seafood from the sea trip is classified: either to export or transfer to the market to sell fresh and in no small part, be put into processing to dried seafood.

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It is understandable that only a marine village beside Hon Ro fishing port with about ten households dried seafood processing. If calculated in the central coastal provinces, we will not be counted out of the households dried seafood processing and transfer of dried seafood to the market every day.

Is bringing significant gains to network processing, dried seafood supply to the market is quite large and has many participants. The most common point of this network is can anybody dried seafood processors, each with a style, but how to do it is hard to know. Then, dried seafood for the collectors on the packaging.

Branded packaging is only the name of the business establishment, which means that even business users also difficult to identify the source of dried seafood this place is made from. The seller was the world, consumers want to know more ambiguous when the quality of dried seafood items.

Only one operation, place the fish that no one dared to look at food, the product suddenly became cool and nobody would ever imagine it was soaked, are dried on places not hygienic surrounding fishing port.

Viewed as items associated with travel brands, so many people think it’s time could not open the management quality dried seafood. If not, the blend between seafood items with product quality and food safety lose not only affect consumers but also diminishes brand dried seafood in the coastal provinces.

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