Rabbitfish (Siganus canaliculatus)

Rabbitfish is belong to the Siganidae branch fish. If you want to know 3 things about the Rabbitfish, so here we are!

-They eat grass (seaweed) like rabbits. -They have these toxic spikes. Be careful when handling them. -They are tasty fishes. However, overfishing may affect the number of them. You see Rabbitfish where: this mysterious fish species common in the area have seaweed in coastal waters. They are usually located in quiet seaweed or hiding in the coral piece, thanks to your camouflage to avoid detection.

Rabbitfish? They belong to them, the family Siganidae Rabbitfish according to Fishbase there are two genera and 25 species. They live in the Indian-Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Morphological traits: can be very small (8 cm or less) to very large (15 cm). They have spines in the fins can sting and contain toxins. The spikes can be found in the dorsal, Pectoral and anal fins. Stain the sting can cause pain but not lethal. It is named because it looks like rabbit nose rabbitfish, or maybe because its seaweed food habits. It also named spinefoot according the spikes on the pectoral fins, a unique characteristic of this species. It has very small scales.

Rabbitfish eat? The majority of the Rabbitfish species is herbivorous, eating seaweed, seaweed grows on the seabed. Small mouth had the small teeth. They work on during the day and sleep at night. Rabbitfish often go into forums, sometimes in pairs.

Food from Rabbitfish (Siganus canaliculatus) and  Whitespotted rabbitfish are species being sought for to eat on the occasion of the Chinese lunar new year. It was the breeding season of the Rabbitfish and its eggs are particularly delicious. Chinese people believe that eating them will bring good luck. Some other species are important food fish in some parts of the world. A few species of Rabbitfish lives in coral reefs have lots of colors are also collected to feed.

Some species of fish to the edge.

  • Siganus canaliculatus – White-spotted rabbitfish 
  • Siganus fuscescens 
  • Siganus guttatus – Orange-spotted rabbitfish 
  • Siganus javanicus – Java Rabbitfish

The flesh of the sweet, aromatic, aliphatic Rabbitfish and less bone and is kind of the produce of the sea. Rabbitfish is used to prepare several tasty dishes such as baked, cleaning such as noodle, Rabbitfish cleaning steam steaming Rabbitfish hue, Rabbitfish, is most commonly baked, charcoal grilled Rabbitfish Rabbitfish banana leaves. Rabbitfish “deck” is a specialty of Thua Thien Hue and Quang Tin, number of fish not much but fairly high economic value. The number of the fish is caught depends on climate, weather conditions and are at risk of deterioration.

Brown fish in the food delicious, the meat is rare and more attractive dishes such as fish kho left Brown feeling with garden vegetables such as hardworking, gun cotton, vegetable nèo, vegetables cheeks … fish baked banana leaf package trui Brown dot salt pepper; similar distillation; mẳn inventory; cooking melons … cooked medium sweet brown meagre fish, just more rustic favorites.

Rabbitfish in Tam Giang commune-Quang Thai is regarded as endemic, has high value for fish meat, sweet and aromatic. In hue has adopted model prawn breeding combinations Rabbitfish for high productivity. In Quang Nam, the same seller Rabbitfish for traders from two top North-South 400-500 thousand from price/kg, many families earning 7-10 million/day in 2012. In hue has the period people hit by record Rabbitfish harvests drop policy Rabbitfish identical nature. Species of fish are called folk is the fish smoking North because of very tasty and has high nutritional value, the flesh can function as a mild sedative dose, against losing sleep and weight tress very effectively, Brown fish cleaning basella here still be handed is insomnia drugs effectively.

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