Red Snapper Fish

Red Snapper is a species of marine fish is consumed very preferred as flesh are considered lean, less bone and quite delicious.

The name of the fish caused quite a lot of confusion in the English language as well as other countries.

In English, the name Red snapper was officially used to call fish of the genus Lutjanus Lutjanidae fish. A number of other fish species such as Rockfish of the genus Sebastes, (in Vietnam, known as groupers) also known as red snapper or Pacific red snapper is clearer. Orange Orange Roughy fish, fish species from New Zealand, has been advertising (although there is no scientific basis) is helping to lower cholesterol are also a number of people called red snapper, Red Snapper …

In Vietnam, the name Red Snapper can enclose an extra name to describe more about the fish such as Red Snapper (Lutjanus sanguineus), Red Snapper (Lutjanus sebae) lang, Red, Red Snapper, Red Snapper, black dots. etc But the name Red Snapper (also add extra names attached) is also used to call several species of ornamental fish such as Red Snapper, Red Snapper, Red Snapper, Red Snapper, Velvet box.. all in the genus other fish completely non-contact species of Red snapper. Private fish stone sculpture belonging to the Red Tilapia or tilapia.

They fish the Lutjanidae is a family of marine fish (although there are a few species can be encountered in the brackish water where the river mouth). Fish living in the waters of tropical and subtropical regions, can live in the depths of up to 400 m. This is a species of fish, including the ravenous fish and other smaller nhuyến. They include the Lutjanidae to 16 genera and over 100 species to which 60 species are called snapper.

Red Snapper in the waters of the Pacific Ocean (Asia):

In the Asia Pacific region has a variety of Red Snapper in the category can meet in Vietnam:

Red Snapper Lutjanus argentimaculatus, Mangrove, red snapper; Vivaneau des mangroves (France). French Indochina de manglar (Spain). Thai: Pla kaphong si. Hongkong: Hung yau. Taiwan: yin wen di diao.

The fish has a long oval body, a party. Curved back border, skirting the belly straight from the mouth to the anus. Big head just right. The snout is long and curly. Wide eye socket bone. Wide mouth, somewhat slight; the lower jaw is longer than the hám on; the upper jaw has 1-2 key canine teeth, and there are many small teeth back into the side in; the lower jaw had no fangs. Fish scales large comb covered fuselage. The dorsal fin has 11 spines and 13-14 soft rays. The pectoral fins are long and wide, Crescent-shaped there are 16-17 rays. Fin is broad, concave rear rims. The anal fin has 3 spines and 8 soft rays. The stems are bright red dorsal or pinkish purple, white belly grey; except the pectoral fins, the pectoral fins have black; the two sides are 1-2 in the blue van dươi. The fish move to the pink xậm.
Maximum 1.5 m long fish, average when catching 0.8 m
Red Snapper silver lives in depths of 10-120 m, in the region of temperature 16-33 degrees c. small fish living in the river and the area where mangrove forests, brackish water place; When nearly mature fish to move out off-shore waters, living where the bottom has coral reefs, seaweed and much more. Red Snapper in the silver fish, eat fish, small crustaceans and nhuyến.
The fish lay eggs year-round, high fertility, each laying 1-2 million eggs. The fish live to 18 years.
Fish are widespread in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, down to Northern Australia and from Suez to go into the Mediterranean.
In Vietnam frequently fish in those waters from the Central down to the South, the number of catches in the Nha Trang (2010) has plunged a lot.
But the Red Snapper silver has high economic value as the number caught in the nature usually in a limited extent. According to FAO statistics, the volume of global catch in 2007 to about 16 thousand tons, which accounted for Malay to 12 thousand and Pakistan 2 thousand tons.

Red Snapper silver are currently being reared at the farm in the artificial breeding conditions in Thailand, Taiwan, Australia to exploit the commercial offer for HongKong, Singapore, Japanese market. global output according to FAO (2007) up to about 5 thousand tons. Research at the Aquaculture Institute, Nha Trang UNIVERSITY has found a way of producing fish seed, according to artificial methods, and took about 30 thousand fishing trials at Nha Trang (December 2009).

Redfin snapper

The fish have long oval flattened on one side, the size from 0.3-0.5 m, the largest 0.7 m. Bright red trunk, abdomen pale pink. Body covered with psoriasis hard strategies both in the cheek and operculum. The long dorsal fins have small spines. The pectoral fins are large, sucking the end beyond the anal fin. Broad, concave trailing tail fins. Following the black-grey dorsal fin edge.
Distribution of fish from the Red Sea, East Africa to the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Southern Ocean, Japan and Vietnam.
The fish are raised in Southeast Asian countries, China and Australia, including Vietnam (from 2006).

Emperor Red snapper

The fish has a slightly different shape with the other fish of the genus Lutjanus. The body, the back wood high. Big head cleaned. Wide mouth, slight two equal-length function: the upper jaw and lower jaw have teeth big and wild in the outer belt and small teeth in the front of. Maxillary canines have 2 doors. Bring the short rough and hard, ellipse. Body covered with thin comb scales. The dorsal fin is long and constantly; the pectoral fins are long and wide: the tip of the long fins vượi over the starting point of the anal fin. Fin is broad, deep concave trailing. The fish has a pink body, side has 3 Red Nebula xậm. Van in the middle of the abdomen brownish black. The dorsal fin, anal fin and caudal fin have black outside-half Brown.
Red Snapper lang from 1 to 1.5 m. range as well as Red Snapper, red and pink.
In Malay, the fish are called Government perhaps bream by shape and colour on the stem causing fish like red strip with drawn.
Some species of Lutjanus other:
Also in the distribution area, including the waters of Vietnam is also the kind of Red Snapper, such as:
Ludjanus Red Snapper, black strip: vitta Red Snapper. Brown stripe snapper, Striped red snapper. The long fish 1-1.7 m. Stem pale brown. From then after the eye has a vein that runs throughout the body to black dorsal fin origin. Side has a big black stain, oval located just below the adjacent segments of the hard and soft rays rays of the dorsal fin. Each of the scales has a black dot-shaped rods.
Ludjanus malabaricus: Red Snapper, Red Snapper, mím mala. Malabar red snapper. Small fish as long as 45 cm -60 cm. xậm-red Stems.
Yellow-striped Snapper Lutjanus lineolatus: Red blur. Bigeyed snapper. Dear semicircle like Red Snapper, high wood backs. Pink body, side has 3 Red Nebula xậm. Small fish, approximately 20-30 cm.
Johni Ludjanus: Red Snapper horizontal scales. John’s snapper. Thailand snapper. Vivaneau ziebelo. Body covered with scales large, lined along the comb all over the body. Each of the scales has a small black dot. Stem pale brown. Small fish 10-25 cm.
-Red Snapper in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean:
In Atlantic waters, along the coast of America there are species like snapper:

Red Snapper Lutjanus johni horizontal scales
Ludjanus purpureus: Southern Red snapper, Vivaneau rouge, colorado Orchard Road.
Fish oval body. Short head, back bent from drinking after the eyes. The snout is short and the prison. Eyes. The dorsal fin has hard spines and 10-14 soft rays. The anal fin in fish (5 cm long), has 3 spines and 6 soft rays. The pectoral fins are long. The tail fin, the upper part is longer than the lower part. The stem seat row scales. The fish are back and the body on the Red xậm; the two sides of the fuselage and the belly is pale pink. The fins are usually pink, red, sometimes have xậm spots where the bottom.
Fish length to 1 m 65 cm. size, average weight of up to 10 kg. We live where the waters have a depth of 30-160 m where there are rocks. Spawn season into the Spring and summer months. Life expectancy from 12-18 years.
The fish are distributed in the tropical Western Atlantic Ocean: in the Caribbean region, Cuba down to the region of North-eastern Brazil.
Campechanus Ludjanus: Northern Red snapper, Gulf red snapper. Vivaneau campêche vivaneau jaune, France-bleu. Spain: colorado Orchard Road.
Body and fins fish pink-red, pale belly. the two side have xậm spots. Small red eyes, big heads, slightly pointed snout. Can fish up to 1 m, average about 40 cm long, weighs on average 9-10 kg, can be up to 24 kg. The fish can live to over 40 years. Distribution in Central American waters and both in the Gulf of Mexico. The fish is considered the ‘ fish ‘, and sport fish, tasty meat. Each year the United States caught about 4 thousand tons. To protect the fish, the Government has determined the number of permitted catches.
Red Snapper in the sea of California:
In California waters, as in the years of the sea ‘ warmer ‘ can be caught or what kind of Red Snapper as
Lutjanus argentiventris: Amarillo snapper.
About 60 cm long fish. The front part of the fuselage of the Red-pink, turning to pale yellow where later part, sometimes red-brown back. Yellow tail fin. Under the eyes there are streaks or blue spots. Distribution of fish in the waters of Southern California down to Peru.

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