What should we do when encounted with a crocodile

The hope is that you will never have to face to face with a crocodile. But, if so, what you have to do to react depending on the situation and the chance to escape. Against the crocodile isn’t easy-and often you have little chance of winning. Hence, avoiding is the best choice.

Stay away
If you can see alligators from afar-other than the nasal touches with it – please stay away. Never feed alligators, as this stimulates it to attack. If you suspect that somewhere there are alligators or have a certain signs announcing the crocodiles, stay away from at least 20 feet, this was recommended by the Department of national parks.

Stay away of the water
Most crocodiles attack occurs in the water, by because that is where the crocodile in natural attack killed prey. The reality, according to the Discovery website, the crocodile attacked on the ground are very rare. The problem is in the underwater attack, you rarely see them coming-the crocodile is the master of the “keep quiet and hiding” until the attacks. The best thing to do to avoid the alligators in the first place is to keep your hands on the boat when you stay in the country.

Running as fast as you can.
If you see a crocodile on the ground, run fast. Alligators run on the ground with a speed of 10 miles an hour, while people easily run 15 miles an hour, according to the Yoga Wiz. In short, you run better than alligators. Despite suggestions that follow the character chi will do you, the truth is that there will be no matter what when you run straight or running the letter read, according to Discovery – the faster you run the crocodile on the ground.

Fight, if you don’t have any other choice.
If you are Gator bites, check it again. Your best chance is to close your eyes. Hit the slopes on the elbows it if you do so, because if the pain alligators will eject out. The ears and nose it is also sensitive, however not in the same level.

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