A new type of lobster trap

In addition to how to catch lobsters the way chong blind John mesh, people in the coastal Township of Phu Yen province also devised a new way, less cost of capital, the less time that equally effective. It’s the latest traps to lure caught shrimp. The way this is being multiplied, creating an important source of income for families in coastal fishermen in those days oil prices climb.

To listen introducing attractive should one day I wake up early as a brother of swimming sea [citation needed]. The morning Long Sea Marine area near the truth, each a bottle baskets, on the other hand against the rowers pulling traps.

Trapping is scrap.
“The real fishermen, they think of more creative way to take currency loc sea wherever you are”, it’s a review of a tourist at the beach when I witnessed many fishermen are swimming pool baskets brought from the sea about hundreds of lobsters. While on the beach, boats shore filled then the fishermen here need introspection to shake the bottle into the sea baskets set traps, lobster trap visits, regardless of the date, sunshine, rain, wind, storm, … jobs bring economic efficiency in this village.

To have the trappings, people want to make it to run backwards down the search tools. That’s the stuff “mannequin” extreme poverty as the old machine tires, old dry tree, Ngan junk nets, flaske damaged … “Technology” for processing simple, rudimentary trap. Who uses blind old mesh shoulder wrap around an old flaske, each trap has a diameter of about 30 cm, weighs about 2 kg; Another way: can also grab a song by tarsal carpal tree, use the thick drilling drill the hole with your finger size, closed on the trunk; or used tires, bicycles tied with coral stones have many holes. All the traps are guest into a fisherman, a 3-5 m, column to the anchor, and then bring the drop down to the Sea (where fishermen guess intent is likely more shrimp), two top rope columns into two large buoys marking the location and has its own sign. Along the line is the trap, on each trap has a porous Bureau bookmarks, who visit the swim buoy line baskets visits each a trap.

Since when do business efficiently, there are many fisheries dâni follow. This type of trap is less capital, just good hard to find scraps of foam, and the costly purchase of anchor chain, is there a trap bankability. Currently, each who catch shrimp here are a trap quite monumental. Each Orchestra range from 50 to 200 traps. “Despite the warm or sunny seas, staging the other traps are also dipping under water throughout the year. When would the anti free baskets out visits, if very busy? “, you said.

Earning more…
If the craft is every night, season bamboo chong a boat caught on both wrong (100), and sold the whole dozen million then lobster trap when the craft hit the trick, one night only are highest is 20-30 lobsters, typically from 5-10. Go to traps, the amount of shrimp caught at least, song had a strong private career: less capital, less expensive, do the long long …

Currently, due to the lobster should appear many traders were squeezing prices down low. A shrimp only, 95000 50000 vnd per a blue prawns (formerly price a Bunting fellow at up to 190,000 vnd). You wish: “A morning visit to a trap is 4 the stars also earn a few hundred thousand, but I eat less whole, not cost money the fish whole (public money you wrasse), as oil money goes home chong Sun blinds”.
Recently oil prices climb, many fishermen do not eat, do not have the money to buy the oil out to sea, you should call officers to anchor boats to bundle the pillow to sit at home. While market prices so uncertain, catching craft-style lobster traps like this is one job created was all income for the family.

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