Sea cucumbers – A gift from the ocean

Sea cucumbers are species of echinoderm, sea urchins and starfish-like. There are 1250 species of sea cucumbers have been discovered, and indeed, many species have the same shape as the result of cucumber molluscs. They all live in the ocean, although some live in shallow waters, others live in the deep sea. They live at the bottom or near the bottom of the sea, occasionally going a part below.
Sea cucumbers eat very small creatures such as marine algae, marine animals are very small, or waste that is collected thanks to 8 to 30 foot shaped tubes look like tentacles around the mouth. Sea cucumbers to break the food down into smaller parts, these substances become food for bacteria, and put them on the ecosystem of the ocean. Worms also has a similar function in the ecosystem on Earth.
Sea cucumbers, especially eggs and larvae, as bait for fish and other sea creatures. They are also the people’s food, especially in Asia, and some species have been reared as the specialty.
When threatened, some sea cucumbers secretes a substance in the form of yarn pieces to set your enemies. Another one cut off a body part as a defensive structure. They muscle shrinkage in a powerful way and remove internal part inside through the anus. This section will quickly regenerate.
Sea cucumbers can be asexual or possession. Sexual reproduction is more typical. These animals lay eggs and sperm into the water and start the insemination process when they meet. There are many individuals in the world of sea cucumbers used this method successfully. True, many areas in the Ocean contains every major ancient creatures flock, nurturing those precious objects donated by the sea.

There are many species of sea cucumbers in Japan, but the highest-quality species is the Red sea cucumbers. Winter is the best time, but also on sale in the spring.

We have a lot of Japanese names, such as Manamako, Namako, Akako, Aoko, Kaiso; and are caught throughout the islands of Japan. They spawn from late spring to early summer, so their best flavors in the spring and has a sweet taste.

Select the Red sea cucumbers because they are soft and delicious flavors. Choose your meat and light-skinned.

Japanese people eat them in many ways. Just like Chinese people, Japanese people eat them in the dry form, called Bachiko.

They are usually boiled with green tea. And of course they also used them as sashimi. Or sushi nigiri. Internal, called konowata, are considered delicacies. The most famous dish is the gunkan sushi.

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