Caviar and how to harvest it

Someone still sometimes said that in Russia, there’s black caviar dishes which is a dose “ten great addition,” cure all “sick love” and in particular is extremely expensive. They massage xuýt calling it “Royal cuisine”, only for the nobility of the day before, or the senior officials, the nation now. A kilo of caviar is sold at 2,000-2,500 USD. Due to the expensive eggs each packed if eaten too 2 teaspoon will be deemed the lack of moderation.

Switzerland is renowned as the land of luxury watches, cheese, chocolate and caviar dish. The first caviar kind of Switzerland called Oona, made from a type of sturgeon captivity, Siberian origin in the southern mountains of Anps.

Caviar business is kind of special and quite lucrative for the territory of Switzerland by caviar dishes are the most popular and famous in the world originated from living sturgeon species in “sea of caps-I”-the world’s largest lake lies between the northern coast of Russia and the southern coast of Iran.

Caviar dishes of Switzerland are even competing well with the brand of the same type from Russia. The builders of Switzerland are the world admire by making this dish extremely meticulous and delicate, requiring people to do always have to wear aprons and gloves to choose raw eggs by hand.

The staff of this small fish eggs broke taste wonderful in the mouth are sold in small boxes with very high price.
Do you ever wonder how it has such a high price and it was how the harvest?

Caviar is sturgeon eggs, and it is harvested by hand.

Depending on the farm, the sturgeon or is killed before the eggs, or a special technique is used to take out the ovaries without killing the fish.
“Caviar experts” from Switzerland Tobias Felix shares with us about how to get the fish eggs.

Sturgeon first scanned through ultrasound to check the egg hit the maturity yet. A when the ovaries are removed from the fish, Felix rubbed it in a metal basket to separate and remove the blood.

“This is like a gold wash, just as it has other black,” Felix said, adding that he has never seen bored try this specialities. “It’s very good. I paid to eat caviar every day. “

Then a large clamp are used to remove any eggs would change color. A type of finely powdered salt be added to take water, caviar and sparkling bright it as the black jewel.

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