Some kind of the ugly fish but delicious

Today Fish & More’s Magazine would like to introduce to you the species of the fish seem outwardly ugly but taste delicious and nutritious.

1. Sea Lamprey

Maybe Sea Lamprey were not in this list, because, by the look of it first. You can’t be alive, right? It is a damn tube with more teeth. It followed the other fish, dig a hole in the skin, and the dry blood for them. It is not animal, it is the devil Dracula!
It’s not the edible, but also eat very often, in very different ways, and be fed from long, long ago. In the range of thousands of years, humans have caught the Sea Lamprey and turn them into grilled fish cake. Well, as Apple fish cake, only with species of demon blood tubes this symbiosis to harmless fruits.
If the bowel is not a fish cake, perhaps you should try a few other dishes that the Sea Lamprey was used as a dish for us, like a stew. Sea Lamprey stew so famous in countries like Portugal, where they like cooked fish in the blood and eat with rice. Blood, however, is also its blood. Lovely, perhaps the only, case of the Sea Lamprey can understand the meaning of humane concept, the Portuguese wanted it to feel more deserving and touching as possible before going into the digestive system.

2. the Geoduck

Come on, hard! Yes, we know you like it, but we also know that the geoduck is a species of clam has a much bigger body. It is not the duck (duck), it is not the hose of the elephant, and it certainly is not something you can think of.
Whether any of what is, it’s so delicious. Not counting the bodies on those recipes are created to turn this species into these delicacies, and in China because it is both a specialty, as well as an aphrodisiac drug. The following reasons are very meaningful, however, only come when you really realize it is not so. However, it is very similar to a gentleman’s important parts, but so real? Just like parts of a sick person.

3. Orange Roughy

The species of deep sea fish specialities is increasingly being heavily exploited, mainly because people lack the tuna to catch and chew. So now we are forced to eat the fish mutant version of peculiar, like the Orange Roughy. Let’s look at the portrait of it and told me that it is not the normal fish has been tortured by skinned while still alive. Weird: we eat the flesh of this fish, but when they were alive, that we face.
Skip the content of its titles, you’ll see that’s one of the most hunted fish. The chef is too like Orange Orange Roughy. There is a chance when you see a few fish package this when going to any one item, all fish bucks gets you what you should do is look where the Orange Roughy fish hovering, like other deep sea fish, at least for 100 years because the life cycle of it’s taking office. Like the fish meat, wines are bad only better with age.

4. the Axolotl

Don’t let the smile fool you, it’s this species. Can you see it white as ghosts, turning the skin it may look transparent in yet? This species has developed a characteristic that allows it to retain these characteristics from the time the larva throughout life. In summary, it is a form of giant embryo.

3 tu hưeh

Mexicans love this animals are marinated and grilled, like to the extent of this species were considered endangered! Pity is that this species was only discovered in just one place. Xochimilco River system is indeed a unique place in the world should go to if you want to attend the party forever giant embryo dish not to be born.

5. Monkfish

This fish species their common name fin fish (anglerfish) is relatively consistent, with the shape of it is described as the reason. His body filled the viscosity of it covered with prickles and the tumor, its skin color is the color basic accursed, that mouth big empty Affairs with piles of sharp teeth. Gates to hell maybe not less scary.
Really, woah Monkfish fish tớm to the extent that some countries, like France, was once banned them because of they cause fear to the point that people don’t buy. Is there a way to fix that? Cut off top of them away, leaving only the tail. That is done.
Fortunately, fish tail is meat tasty. It quickly became the delicacies in many cultures, and the tail is the reason why. Succulent meat fish tail, less fat. Many people complimented the fish tail monfish like lobster tails, similar in taste and structure of the meat.

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