Some of the most dangerous shark for people

Sharks do not normally attack people. We are not natural prey. We were attacked because we like the natural prey and sharks in the confusion. For example we like a children swimming in the water and seals for grease supply sharks so 90% of the shark attack is only the shark’s mistakes. Shark attacks are few and only a few are assassins. In this list I arrange the shark species based on their aggressive and attack people.

1. the Oceanic white tip shark.
Oceanic white tip shark species is heavy and toned and sharks eat tuna fish, Barracuda and flag. However they can also eat anything edible.
This shark discovered quite far from shore because that doesn’t create any danger for environment for those who surf and swim in the sea. This species was discovered in the ocean waters of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. In the Atlantic, it is from Eastern Georges Bank, South to the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico to Argentina. These fish can be found in and around Canadian waters is the farthest point north in the distribution.
Micro Ocean white shark species is aggressive. Many survivors are victims of the shipwreck had seen this shark species attack the victims is their friend. In fact, this shark species could have killed more people than all other species combined. People with this shark attack who is diving and those for sharks to eat.

2. Great White Shark.
Many people believe that the Great White Shark is the most frightening shark species, perhaps by imagery of the movie jaws have influenced their thoughts but this is not true. The great white shark is not killing the unconscious mind which is a curious cat-like cheeks we feed the pet.
The majority of the great white shark attack is by mistake. A swimmer in the ocean looks like a baby seal, main dishes, so it attacks. These experiments indicate that the great white shark who drop out after only one bite. It is not interested in our flesh and bone. Grease seals is exactly what great white shark like.
However only one bite of the great white shark is also deadly enough because the victim was bleeding to death. Best not to stay in the country with this shark species. The most dangerous waters where sharks are known to attack people is in South Africa and Australia.
Was discovered in the waters of the cold coasts all over the world, we don’t yet have any reliable data on the number of great white sharks.
It is also called the Cannibal.

3. Tiger Shark.
The Tiger Shark is named for the vertical stripes, dark color detected mainly in the sharks are small. When a large tiger shark, this striped lines faded and almost disappear.
They are a species of predatory sharks in the ocean and eat almost anything even metal. This turns them to be a threat to humans. They attack people and many individual Tiger sharks have identified people in their stomach. Tiger shark gets blamed for many deaths of humans because occasionally it swim close to shore in order to pursue the turtle.
Tiger sharks are often spotted in the waters of tropical and subtropical in all over the world.
They were notoriously cannibalistic.

4. Bull Shark.
The bull Shark is the most dangerous shark species to humans. They are among the most aggressive species of sharks because they have high testosterone levels. They are known to attack people and professionals realize they are responsible for the majority of human deaths were blamed for cow shark and great white shark.
They lived near highly populated areas and can be adapted to both fresh water, that makes them doubly dangerous. The near people and the aggressive of them turns them into the most dangerous shark species to humans.
Bull sharks have such names as big noses, short, as well as aggressive temperament and inclination of head butting into their prey before attacking. They are shark species have medium size, stem sure, flesh thick and long pectoral fins.
They were spotted going into the shallow, warm waters of the oceans in the world. Beast of prey is agile and Spry, they eat almost anything they find, including fish, dolphins, and sharks.
Just like the great white shark, the bull shark attack people because of the curiosity and is called eat people.

5. the Shortfin Mako.
Shortfin Mako shark species is the fastest in the country. It has the speed on a par with newspapers gê-pa on the Mainland. It must be fast because its prey is the tuna is also very fast. Both prey and predators all have body characteristics make them swim faster.
Short fin Mako sharks are present throughout the tropical and temperate waters throughout the world. They are distributed from the surface down to the relatively deep. We are the ocean swimmer, but sometimes also appear near the shore. In warm tropical waters, deep beneath the surface, them because they like cold water.
Short fin mako sharks have attacked people. Few people other than the death is due to blood loss or without medical help quickly. Who was attacked is usually those diving and those for it to eat. Mako shark swimming near the beaches, so people who swim the ocean and surfers are not endangered by this shark species.

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