Barracuda is a brand of ray-finned fish. It is renowned for the size and shape of ferocious and powerful, the biggest can be up to 6.5 feet (2 meters). Barracuda live in salt water, and there are 27 different species of barracuda live in tropical waters around the world. Its staple food is other fish. Though much more ferocious sharks, barracuda rarely a threat to humans.
Barracuda is easy to be identified because of the shape of their small body length. People often say barracuda lot like torpedoes, shape allows fish to swim with less resistance of water. When accelerating in the short distance, this fish can reach speeds of 25 miles per hour. Barracuda also very large mouth, convenient to catch and eat prey.
One of the distinguishing features of the series of sharp-toothed barracuda. Teeth, together with a large mouth, allowing barracuda attack and win the other fish of the same size. Barracuda are also notoriously predatory fish blink opportunity, which means that it kept swimming until it detects potential prey, before the outbreak of the speed to catch. To kill and eat their prey, barracuda will rip it into pieces of meat after the attack with great power.

They barracuda been detected worldwide. As long as the water is warm enough and sufficient food, they will grow. For example, some species were discovered in the shallow waters off the coast of Florida, where barracuda can go very close to the shore. Examples for different fish species are barracuda barracuda Europe, sharpfin barracuda, yellow fin barracuda, barracuda barracuda Australia and Mexico.
Barracuda normally live and hunt alone, only come together when spawning. In English, when a barracuda fish concentrated together, called the battery. The focus is mainly occurring in children are small barracuda.
Barracuda rarely dangerous to humans, and if they are bitten, the wound was not fatal. There are some cases where people are barracuda attack – definitely the best in the country to avoid them – have been recorded, but not much. The truth, man is a threat to the barracuda, not vice versa. Many species of barracuda are hunted for food and sport. For example, the great barracuda species often used for cooking soup and other styles from around the world.

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