Unicorn triggerfish (Aluterus monoceros)

Unicorn triggerfish also called a dorsal spines, the English name is the Unicorn filefish or Unicorn leatherjacket, Aluterus monoceros is scientific name (Linnaeus, 1758)

The stems have long oval and squash the party with long pointed mouth, face sideways, mouth of the large convex upwards, the bottom indentations. Small mouth opening above the centre line, strong teeth, 6 in addition to the goods of the maxilla, 6 or less in addition to rows of the lower jaw. Bring a small slot opening on the side of the chest pad.
Pale grey to grey-brown, Brown dots and Brown stain at the top, the dorsal fin and the anal fin are brown light gold, dark brown tail membrane.

Size: 84 cm.
Live in the stone, depth 0-70 m, in the tropics.
Sometimes they are in the shallow water next to the stone. Alone or in pairs, sometimes groups of 5 or 6, at least more than 10 meters deep. Small type is the type of floating on the water, it is often found under floating objects. Small type often in near the large jellyfish and this can make them closer to shore. Large type can hide themselves in the rocks near the rocky shore in deep water. At other times, the big fish can create forums under the cloud of rong often form in the rainy season. They feed on benthos.
In Vietnam there are many small type in the waters of the region, but recently dried up. Large assortment in the Central and southern but not huge amounts.
Unicorn leatherjacket very little meat but have white and delicious. It is often used to make silver paper baking dish in the restaurant. Some are cooked fillet exports. Small type is used as a dry product raw materials, it is the sweet skin removal for the Korean market, where there is great demand. The Japanese market also consume this item.
On the menu of the restaurant in Japan often have sashimi called tsukuri umazura. The name of this fish is literally “horse face”, is a species of fish in the Bay Sugura. It’s alive in the fish tank.
This fish is not so famous in other countries, but in truth it was worth paying attention to. Although it didn’t have much meat, but is doing so nice sashimi.
Here, it is served with sauce made from fresh livers and ponzu. A true delicacies.
Chef holding back a little to make a great cow fish nigiri, the top has its liver, momijioroshi, leek and washabi between the upper part and rice.

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