How to distinguish between male and female shrimp

How to distinguish male and female shrimps of some shrimp varieties will be shared in the article below. The distinction between male and female shrimps is important for intensive shrimp culture.

Black tiger shrimp, white shrimp, white shrimp and lobster are the most cultured shrimp species in Vietnam with high economic value. Each shrimp breed recognizes males and females differently.

When the shrimp is not fully mature: Male cavalcock has sexual hole at the base of the fifth leg of the cow, female sex hole in the middle of the third leg, right behind the double. The naked eye can be seen on the second leg of the male shrimp with two branches, while the shrimp in this position only one branch.

In males, on the second leg of the second leg, apart from the outside, the inner and the inner, there are two branches of the male, also called the intercourse (not the vas deferens), which can be seen with the naked eye. In shrimp this position has only one branch.

When the average length is 8-14cm, the body weight is 10-12g, the prawn develops the equivalent of males and females. But when the length exceeds 14cm, males grow faster than females.

Male males are faster than females, larger than females. Same conditions of care, after 7 months males can reach 110g / child while females only reach 50g.

When the shrimp mature: The blue shrimp weight is quite large, the males can weigh up to 450g / child, rounded rounded, dark blue, poky pointed development; Half curved upward, on the eye mantle has 11-15 teeth, 3-4 teeth behind the eye socket, the lower eye usually 12-15 teeth. The length of the mare’s breast is usually shorter or shorter than that of the head of the breast, while the male’s mane is longer than the length of the breast.

In shrimps of the same size, males have heads and are larger than females. Mature males have three types: small males, orange females and blue males. Small males can grow into orange-colored males. The blue-green shrimp grow superior to blue shrimp. Each of these three types has reproductive traits and prominent secondary sexual characteristics. In these three types, the orange shrimp grew the fastest.

How to distinguish males and females of lobster varieties

Flip over and observe the bottom of the belly of the shrimp … They differ in that the first micro or the first plate is located in the abdomen and body. In shrimp, the two are very small and soft. In males, the two males are longer, stiffer and stiffer.

How to distinguish males and females of black tiger shrimp

Black tiger shrimp is sexually deformed, females are larger than males. When the adult shrimps clearly distinguish the male, through the external genitalia.

Males: Males are the main genital area of ​​the males located in the inner part of the thorax, outside are the subcultured organs located in the outer branch of the second femur, the male genital opening opens to the fifth femur The sperm are in the form of a bag.

Females: The ovaries are located along the upper back, with two fallopian tubes opening at the third hip. The pouch consists of 2 bulges in the fourth and fifth of the lower abdomen. .

How to distinguish males and females of white shrimp

Shrimp usually grow faster than males. Shrimp look outside to see clear lines, evenly and without interruption.

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