Catfish – Concepts and Classification

Catfish is a common name for a group of fish are present throughout the world in freshwater or saltwater environment. Catfish take more space in the ecosystem, from harmful foreign species to species of fish farming and to the popular pet species in the fish tank. Catfish are also eating and sport fishing, white-toned meats provides occasionally lots of flavor, especially from the region of clean water. Very solid catfish meat, and preserved when fried and baked, two common cooking in the South American country.

The majority of the members of the family have catfish whiskers especially do we have that name. Catfish whiskers varied from very short to very long, and is located on both the broad mouth and large, low below the surface of the fish. In addition, catfish have no scales, although some of the bones can cause confusion as the scales alone. Catfish have split tail lobes and wide fan-like pectoral fins are usually located at the front of the body.

Catfish are bottom living fish and like the environment there is gravel. Catfish species is omnivorous, and the result is often viewed as animals is harmful when they are brought into the United States. Catfish can disrupt the environment where neither of them, losing the roots of aquatic plants and fish. Some European countries put catfish on their waters and very disappointed when the result is increased competition with indigenous species.

Catfish can be very large, some larger individuals who catch them. Some people see the lovely fish, while some fishermen who fish this ugly comment, some regions of the world have the folk story about this fish. In any case, catfish is a species of fish farming most of the United States, with huge fish farming market started in the 1980s. The majority of catfish are available for sale as fish farming, although many fish are fish pursued for sport fishing and eating in the lakes and streams throughout the world.

Catfish are also sold to decorate for the breeding Aquarium, where the hobbyist Aquarium decoration by the clean gravel in the bottom along with the party. When choosing fish for aquarium catfish, fish breeders should note that the catfish will eat smaller fish, and they grow very fast. Many very large fish will no longer fit the small Aquarium. In addition, the sharp pebbles that can cause harm to the mouth and abdomen catfish.
Only a few species of catfish are caught and farmed commercially, with miềnNamnước America and Vietnam are the main producers of catfish sold in North America. The Asian market in Los Angeles sells many types of catfish from under 1 pound to over 6 pounds, some less than live fish tanks from the sold of the gates.

Distinguish types of Catfish

1. Sheatfish (Siluridae)
There are many varieties and species in this fish, but only a few are caught and commercial farming. Most live in the Lake and live in Southeast Asia and China, though to date, the largest species, Silurus glanis, is detected in the Baltic region of Europe and the Black Sea region and Aral.

2. Vietnamese Catfish
On the internet, there are many flagrant lies about this fish than other foods, spread mainly because of the lack of moral aquarists. Faced with competition, the hobbyist smear method choice and the political mobilization rather than improve their competitive methods. This fish is very different from the North American catfish and require careful preparation to be able to sell here, so just kind of frozen fish fillet was sent for sale in North America.
The two species are widely farmed Basa (pangasius) and Swai, Catfish (p. hypophthalmus have been classified), but was sold in the USA mainly fish. BASA were preferred in Vietnam, but American consumers don’t care, so check often sold fish. Pangasius thinner and less tasty than Basa.

3. Channel Catfish
Catfish farming is a significant industry in the us, where Channel catfish dominate the market. Most of them are raised and consumed in the southern States, but they are also sold in the rest of North America.

4. Walking Catfish
Clarias batrachus and catfish North America c. gareipinus and two species of fish. Species of air-breathing catfish is quickly becoming a harmful species in the tropics, particularly since they can only moved far distance on the ground from the country to other countries. Be taken vàoFlorida to feed, it spread to the farm and eat other fish.

5. Mississippi Catfish, Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Catfish, Opelousa, Yellow Mud Catfish Pylodictis olivaris Catfish, Shovelhead,.
A very large catfish species was noticed mainly fishing fish thểthao but also delicious to eat.

6. Blue Catfish Ictalurus furcatus
Species catfish in Mississippi and the second gourmet fish species in North America, after the species of Channel Catfish.

7. the Bullhead
Bullhead is a group of freshwater catfish in the us lives in the slow-flowing waters with soft bottoms. They differ from most other catfish species with square tails and relatively small size. This fish may be longer than 24 inches and weighs close to 8 pounds, but usually 10 inches and weighs 1 pound (species a. natalis of slightly smaller).

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