Octopuses are mollusks, have eight tentacle (hand), no fins.
Octopuses live in the seagrass bed in the bay and coastal waters as well as in the near shore reefs.
All octopuses have a short life cycle, in which each female lays eggs and dies mass after hatching. They are solitary animals and are usually active during the day. We live approximately 18 months.
Octopus appeared about 500 million years ago.
During the day, when the hungry fish Prowl, octopus hiding in their lair: under rocks, in caves or in hollow shells, or depressions of the sea floor. But under the shadow of twilight, octopus become predators, chasing crabs, shrimp or snails.
Upon seeing their prey, bounce octopus. Keeping with the vacuum, crushed shell octopus prey and inject poison orally. They often return home to their prey to eat.
Octopus tentacles surveys and vacuum. Vacuum may recognize sweet, sour and bitter, and may feel smooth or rough surfaces.
To catch a crab, octopus withdrew towards the middle of the vacuum to create a vacuum. Octopuses have the strength to hold very large. From 1.4 kg of octopus can produce 18 kg capacity clutching prey.
Octopus is the rock lobster hunters and fishing initial product of rock lobster fishing. Now some vocational targeting octopus and octopus appeared to be caught incidentally in shrimp and fish trawlers.

The information:

  • Scientific name: octopus species
  • Season: year-round.
  • Adult size: 0.3 to 9 kg
  • Nutritional information: 100 grams of octopus.
  • Calories: 78
  • Cholesterol: 104 mg
  • Sodium: 285 mg
  • Total fat: 1 g
  • Saturated fat: 45% fat
  • Omega-3, EPA: 41 mg
  • Omega-3, DHA: 270 mg
  • Omega-6, AA: 18 mg

In Vietnam octopus in many places from north to south, including many different species. Some octopus species is one more skin in Kien Giang, Vung Tau; 2 leather octopus, octopus zinc …

Octopus is a seafood items important export. Recipes usually frozen, whole, cut frozen (raw or cooked). Also octopus also spiced dried exported to Japan and South Korea.

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