Five of the most common mistakes in growing shrimps

Low seed quality
Seed quality prerequisite to the success or failure of the crop, but so far, many people still have subjectivity in the selection of seed quality in production. For these reasons farmers hesitate to contact the seed production base prestige, and costs more than 2-3 times the mass of shrimp prices. To avoid damage due to poor quality seed, farmers should choose good looking, healthy seeds, at the prestigious address, has been quarantined. If possible, check, if negative for dangerous pathogens to farm it.

High density in farming
The density of shrimp directly affect the growth of shrimp farming and harvesting size. Shrimp farming in low-density growth rate, survival rate is higher than in high-density farming. When shrimp with high density without ensuring technical factors will lead to growth retardation phenomenon shrimp, feed conversion ratio high, losses due to lack of oxygen, a factor that can make crop failure. Vannamei shrimp farming should normally density 60-80 / m2, with a density of shrimp 15-25 / m2.

No compliance culture techniques
The technical process orientation in employment shrimp farming is very important, very big decision to self-resistant and impact of shrimp farming on the environment. To limit these incidents can occur during feeding, health affect shrimp, should comply with the technical implementation of the stages of preparation, pond, feeding methods, disease prevention initiative for shrimp feed…

Diet not pay proper attention
In industrial environments with high density, dissolved oxygen levels is difficult to ensure optimal support, the process of digestion and absorption of food is very important, because it determines is feed conversion ratio, determined costs of shrimp farming. Practical application showed that the addition of enzymes, microorganisms will increase the metabolism and absorption of food. Together, some products trace minerals and vitamins have been shown to enhance natural resistance to shrimp, is an effective solution to help prevent disease in shrimp. However, many farmers still do not pay attention to the needs and additional mode of nutrient content for shrimp.
Overuse of lime
The use of lime in shrimp farming is essential in the pond, maintain water quality in the pond or to correct the pH is low. However, it must comply with the dosage, if used too much into the pond, the content of Ca2 + increases makes the process of biochemical and physicochemical in ponds decreased leading to reduced levels of beneficial organisms, shrimp underdeveloped . When the pond, depending on the amount of lime fertilizer soil pH. soil pH from 4.5 to 5.5, applied to the amount of 1.5 to 2.5 tonnes / ha; pH from 5.1 to 6, liming with volume 1 to 1.5 tons / ha; pH from 6.1 to 6.5, liming the amount from 0.5 to 1 ton / ha. In the breeding process, to maintain water quality, periodical 10 days / times, liming at 21-22 hours, dosage 10-20 kg / 1,000 m3 of water, depending on the actual situation to the pond environment adjusted, when the pH is lower than 7.5 CaCO3 or dolomite lime to dose 15-20 kg / 1,000 m3.

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