Billfish (Part 1) – The basic concepts

Billfish are maxillary and nasal fish stretched out. The most conspicuous example of billfish for some people perhaps is the swordfish, it featured an out an impressive long jaw looks more like a sword or a heavy slant. The billfish species are present in all over the world’s oceans, and unfortunately the number of them are threatened in some places because of the heavy exploitation of sports fish and this famous food.

The term Billfish is used to describe two of them: Istiophoridae and Xiphiidae. Istiphoridae flag fish including fish flag leaf (sailfish) and flag (marlin), two popular sports fish can detect in the area from temperate to tropical far North. They have just one species Xiphiidae swordfish, Xiphias gladius, known as swordfish (swordfish).

In addition to having the characteristic nose, the species of billfish is also the species of fish smart and extremely powerful. That turn them into the sport fishing fish of choice, since they often fight to challenge even the most adept sentence. Special meat, many of some species also are preferred as a source of food, swordfish is probably the most well-known food fish of this group. Some fish species billfish capable of tossing her out of the water with the powerful meat and fins for sure, this images very worth watching.

Billfish are predatory fish, and they are often classified as predatory fish in the ocean. They develop completely, eating lots of small fish. Some individuals are known to attack the larger fish and even attack humans; scientists previously reported the attack submarines in the research that they really have the teeth bite into the door.

Concerns about overfishing of the species of billfish has led to a number of measures to protect this valuable fish species around the world. Some hand the voluntary statements made the catch and release program, some organizations to track the data and release the catch of the sentence. The Group hopes to recover its reserves by limiting annual catch, to maintain the number of many and varied.

The consumers are interested in sustainable fisheries may want to find alternate fish for billfish. Flatfish and horse mackerels pork tongues are all good solutions with white meat, can be toned very similar to billfish when cooking. If sustainable fisheries is not your main concern, maybe you also would not like to eat them much, especially swordfish, because this species biological mercury and other environmental toxins.

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