The control of tuna in the Pacific Ocean

China has sent a fishing vessel fleet large subsidized and modern equipment to the area of the South Pacific Ocean, including the waters north of New Zealand, in an effort to kill the fishing area and seized control of the tuna fishing industry by the wire length (Golden) , in a speech at a meeting of the main fishing industry.
President of the Fiji tuna fishing ship owners, Russell Dunham, said at the Forum in Auckland that no one talks about what Beijing is doing well and no one says anything with China.
“This happens the same with the Fiji Government, the Governments of the Pacific, the New Zealand Government, no one ventured to say anything at all”.
The figures from the Forum Fisheries Agency which Fairfax Media collected shows this year have soared 125 percent the number of tuna fishing the South Pacific of China, many of which have just been closed.
This Bureau says there are 241 ship carrying the flag of China approved fishing, stand on Taiwan with 221.
Mr. Dunham said the train of the South Pacific countries do not compete with the Chinese ships.
“I think they have a plot, a program to control the entire profession of tuna fishing with long line in the entire Pacific Ocean. A when we eventually, perhaps they will no longer support level”.
Dunham says China not to mention the economic performance of the fisheries sector tuna long at this stage. Each Chinese ship received 300,000 to 400,000 dollars a year from the State, corresponding to whether they are fishing or not.
The new ship to be completely tax free and the train of China to receive additional subsidies if they carry the product caught on China for processing.
The problem is still worse, if the ship bearing the flag of Fiji offers fish sales in China, it will be taxed 25 percent. The same species of tuna caught in the same location by Chinese ships will be completely tax free.
“Something needs to be done with the ship be subsidised,” said Dunham said.
“They don’t live in the real world and they don’t care about cost and they don’t care about quality”.
The Chinese fishing boats have more bad quality and sell in the same market as tuna by Pacific countries catching up to do off the fish.
“It’s hard to face the power of the foreign ships,” he said at the meeting is sponsored by the Pacific cooperation of Governments and the tuna industry association of Pacific Islands.
The approaching high seas tuna are controlled by the Central Fisheries Committee for the Western Pacific and Mr. Dunham said they determined quota under the catch history.
If China showed they have much more tuna fishing vessel, they shall be entitled to have the largest quota.
“That’s what they want, complete control,” he said.
“Someone should tell China that they have to be a country of responsible fishing”.
Long line fishing is a technique using a mounting hook 3000 lines have bait. This technique is controversial because of the risk of the by-product of catching, especially turtles, seabirds and sharks.
The Chinese fishing vessel owners are attempting to sell fresh fish, they like cold, deeper kind of dynamic has the lower price in the market.
Tuna was also exploited by the grid method of withdrawal, but it seems that the Chinese are not interested in this technique.

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