Microbiological formula for treatment of shrimp pond’s bottom

EcoShrimpTG-REC is a blend of naturally derived, isolated and selective bacteria (not genetically engineered) to remove pond bottom sludge, treat toxic gases and organic impurities. muscle causes odor from emission sources and biological lakes. EcoShrimpTG-REC is a blend of 8 discretionary anaerobic bacteria, which makes the product effective on a variety of different substrates and environmental conditions.

EcoShrimpTG-REC is a microbial blend and mixture of 23 essential vitamins, biologically stimulating, enzymes for sludge treatment. The product saves the cost of dredging and reducing the formation of bottom mud, eliminating toxic gas accumulated in the mud layer. Therefore, the EcoShrimpTG-REC is a microbial strain that processes sludge in a highly effective shrimp and fish pond.

– Significantly reduce the amount of sediment accumulated to 30-60%
– Treatment of aquaculture pond bottom
– Decomposing organic substances, cleaning pond sediment
– Reduce odors and toxic gases
– Provide beneficial microorganisms and enzymes in ponds
– Balancing nutrient ponds
– Reduce stress factors for farmed seafood
Form: Powder
Yellowish brown
Smell: No
Shelf life: 2 years
Carrier: Wheat
Bacterial density: 2 billion CFU / gr
Effective pH: 5.5 – 8.5
Temperature: 20 – 45 ° C (68-113 ° F)
EcoShrimpTG-REC is packaged in 1 kilogram, or 100 gram package
Preserved in dry, cool place
Handling: Wash your hands with soap and warm water after use.
This product is not toxic.

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