History of Pearl diving

Diving is the oldest method in the extraction of pearls. Before the farm, this way can help people control the creation process, one must dig up a ton of new shell could produce was three or four large round pearls. Although this is dangerous work, diving curious pearls is the desperate need in many cultures.

Most of Bivalvia are living in the seas of the globe. The Bay is from the Persi has saltwater pearls supply, particularly off the coast of Bahrain, in the East of Saudi Arabia. Where other pearling is the Gulf of Mannar, between Sri Lanka and the southern tip of India, Japan, China, Panama and Venezuela. South Sea pearls originated off the coast of Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar and Thailand. Meanwhile, fresh-water pearls are farmed in the bottom of the Mississippi River, Tennessee and Ohio.

Because of the beauty and splendid, famous pearls is the “Queen of gems”, according to the researchers at NOVA at pbs.org. The Romans judged them so high general Vitellius, who later ascended the throne as emperor, using his mother’s jewels to finance military movement. Then there was Cleopatra. Pearl experts at Pearlguide.com to tell a legend that, while this special daughter of Isis are dinner with Marc Antony, she bets that she can eat the equivalent value of the entire assets of a country during a packed. Then she dropped a stone into the glass of wine, so it dissolves, and drink. The Arab people also worship the pearls, made them stand out in the Koran describing paradise as a utopian way where pearls grow on trees and decorate walkways. In the middle ages of the Knights, the young women not only wear them for added beauty and exuding naivety, the Knights also wore them as God in the battle against the enemy.

Forever 4000 years ago, scallop and Bivalvia to them can be caught when the tide is low. The devastation from the created demand from diving. With Aboriginal Australians as well as Japan, diving curious pearls usually the women. According to divingheritage.com, believes that Aboriginal women have bigger lungs Chamber of men, and so are likely to be more curious than a Pearl diving. Modern science has refuted this belief, according to the medical website as well as netfit.co.uk Peak Performance, a sports Research Institute in the United Kingdom. In Japan, women’s diving curious pearls is called “Ama”, which translates literally to “the woman of the sea” and traditionally diving does nothing more than beyond a block. Their technique is just diving “breathe” and some people can dive down to depths up to 100 feet of water.

Australia has become a powerful force in the industry, thriving thanks to Bivalvia species of Pinctada maxima clams (Bivalvia yellow lip). This species produces South Sea pearls, one of the world’s largest Pearl type, average 13 mm. Broome, Australia became the nucleus of the extraction of pearls and, before 1910, the area employed 400 people diving. Dive rite at this stage usually starts with a SIP of wine pooctô. Then those diving suit cloth gown and copper Helmets before they dive into the ocean. When in the water, they walked slowly by the proponent was aggravate by lead, and catch as many pearls as possible because their wages were paid according to the number of pearls.

Between the years 1882 and 1935, wind gust had killed 800 sailors and divers in the pearling industry. From 1912 to 1915, 93 divers died of sickness, a disease caused by the increase of nitrogen gas in the human body when the rise in pressure of the ocean and forced into the lungs.

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