Thunnus maccoyii

Southern bluefin tuna, Southern Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus maccoyii, they are a kind of tuna species which classified as critically endangered due to overfishing because meat is very tasty, especially in Japan. This fish species, usually live in the South Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans, closely related with the flag and the swordfish. The fish are dark green above and silvery below, a yellow Strip in the side. Is the species of fish swimming very fast, they reach speeds of over 90 km/hour and up to 2 m long and weighed 135 kg.
As a member of the tuna they Scombridae, southern bluefin tuna has a curved tail, two dorsal fins, and the fins can be folded to reduce resistance when fish swimming in the ocean. As migratory species in natural, blue fin tuna owns the respiratory and circulatory system unique to help it move very far distance. Fish can keep a stable body temperature is usually warmer than the temperature of the water that they go into. They also have a heart bigger than the other fish, allowing it to push a lot of oxygen in the energy travels far.

About 9 years old, southern bluefin tuna maturity in terms of gender. They reproduce between September and April of the following year and on the Indian Ocean to spawn in temperate waters near the island of Java, Indonesia. Usually tuna lay in the water temperature of 20-30 degrees Celsius.
Once, the fish lay millions of eggs. Just a little egg on hatching, then became a long baby tuna just 2.5 cm. spread tuna over a 5 year period at near the Australian coast before moving out to deeper waters where they have lots of options for food.

Southern bluefin tuna can live almost 40 years and using Visual and auditory system development of high to catch food, such as shrimp and krill, squid, Octopus, crustaceans. The tuna hunt animals including sharks, whales, birds, and even other tuna. This fish been caught severely because they always want more meat due to oil, are favored to do sushi and fillet. Countries such as Japan, Australia, New Zealandđã limit the number of southern bluefin tuna catches allowed.

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