The suitable areas for shrimp growing in Vietnam

Lobster farming really developed since 2000, most concentrated in the provinces of Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen, Binh Dinh, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan. To date, the number of cages in the province to 53,000 cages, with about 8,000 to 10,000 farmers. Now we can see it on your channel. Check it out!

Khanh Hoa
Khanh Hoa is the leader in the production of cages and lobster cages with nearly 28,500, accounts for over 40% of the lobster cages of the country, about 880 tons of output. Most lobster farming in Van Ninh 10,000 cages, Cam Ranh City 7,000 cages, cage about 3,000 Nha Trang City and elsewhere as Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa province Cam Lam … has made provisions designed cage friends, partition cages moored under VietGAP; converted from sea cage farming up the food on the banks use to curb industrial pollution … Khanh Hoa fisheries sector is also focused on completing the detailed planning of the water, lobster in the bay.

Phu Yen
Lobster farming in cages in Phu Yen appeared in Cu Mong lagoon (Song Cau town) in 1990. Now, in the province of Phu Yen has 25 132 lobster cages with 3,860 farmers in the districts of Dong Hoa, Tuy An, Song Cau town and 94% of marine aquaculture cages. Phu Yen Province have completed the survey, elaboration and approval of records delimitation and demarcation of marine areas; building layout plan matching cages from 30-40 cages / ha. At the same time, strengthen the management and exploitation of lobster same destructive nature.

Binh Dinh
The province now has nearly 150 farmers on 1,700 cages, feeding 200 children on average seed / cage, focusing in communes, wards Ghenh Rang, Nhon Hai and Nhon Ly (Quy Nhon), Cat Khanh (Phu Cat), USA An (Phu My) … which, Nhon Hai (Quy Nhon) notoriously large bowl of lobster province. According to statistics, in 2014, Nhon Hai has 87 fishing households invested almost 22 billion more than 94,000 stocked lobster cages over 55 varieties; 51 fishermen households invested more than 31,000 thousand breeding commercial lobster on 30 cages. In particular, commercial lobster fishermen had sold the 1,800 kg of lobster, worth 200 million.

Ninh Thuan
Lobster farming in the first test in 1994 in Ninh Thuan, Vinh Hy dress. However the scale of development in Ninh Thuan lobster, much less than the highest year reached only 450 cages and concentrated in sheltered areas, where the water level is not high depth of coastal Ninh Thuan due mostly sea openings regularly affected by large waves expansion possibilities under current farming technology is still limited.

Binh Thuan
Lobster farming in Binh Thuan is most concentrated in Phu Quy island district. Currently, the whole island has 103 aquaculture establishments with more than 18 thousand m2 area of ​​the ocean surface, yields an average annual harvest from 150 to 200 tons, mainly marine specialties with high economic value, such as lobster, grouper, cobia, cow fish, lobster … Job functions of Phu Quy island fishermen also help implement new models of commercial lobster farming in ponds and coastal sure, lobster cages … effective.

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