The story about the processing of salmon from the Japanese chef

I am very strange to see the reaction of those same goes when I walked into the Brooklyn subway handle plastic bag inside a filled 9 kg the salmon song. Nobody seems to notice. The numbers-one of the reasons why I love to his hometown. But why am I holding the bag? On Monday, I have the honor to join the final part of the contest is fluent in Japanese-style fish, a contest consisting of multiple parts, specialized practice of the chef is funded by Gohan Society, a nonprofit group that specializes in professional cookbooks on the cuisine of Japan (the chef here enjoyed cooking Japanese style). Celebrity Chef Toshio Suzuki, our directions step by step on how to prepare a grill to cook the salmon-very important fish species in Japan as in America. Now we can see it on your channel. Check it out!

Chef Suzuki talks start by pointing out how to bolt a salmon, using a technique called sanmai oroshi. He just tell us how to fish out the opening, cutting explains how to cook them, and eventually about every other part of the fish. He goes around the salmon disk which he made, including salmon, miso fish bearing laced drying with air in 3 days, not much oil, fried squid with salmon skin, kidney, fried fish, and pomegranate seeds. Not many salmon live, because of all the salmon if want to eat to live, we must first be frozen to kill living creatures clinging.

When we changed the Cook and go into the kitchen, he and his colleagues helped us learn how to shred salmon into parts that can cook. I left the seminar with a ton of new knowledge, and the generous gift from Gohan Society: fish bag!

So, I can share something with you after this session?

Yaki is the traditional dish of marinated Yuan made from soy sauce, sake, mirin and according equal proportions (1:1: 1). Salmon fillet breaded with yuan yaki for 1 hour, then the grill or oven. This simple and delicious dish.

Miso salmon dish is miso laced zuke. The way that I recommend you do is mix white with enough Basil miso mirin to form the mixed pastes, and folded salmon fillet in there (the first salmon is marinated with salt and leave for the night). After 3 days, taking salmon out, wash off miso, and baked. Miso marinated fish and do will transform, great!

Salmon salting before processing salmon, marinated with salt and leave at room temperature for one hour to remove water and hard than fish. Please do so if you want to make frozen fish.
Top of salmon when I from talks back, I grilled fish head (with salted) for me, my wife and friends. Real good. Bone, cartilage and tendons and everything in the fish head are both infuse the great taste, soft, succulent. If all you eat is salmon fillet, grilled fish head right, okay (no fish bearing).

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