Technical of Tuna Fishing

The tuna fishing vessel the ocean in the middle area is closed from the traditional folk form in each locality, shipbuilding materials, mostly wood. Now we can see it on your channel. Check it out!
A basic sized ships such as the following:
Lmax = 17.50-20, 4.00 m
Bmax = 5.50-3, 50 m
D = 3.00-3, 50 m.
The ship was fitted with 1 main machine has a capacity from 50-250 horsepower and an extra machine used for power generation capacity from 20-45 HP
The speed boat from 8-10 knots
Mining equipment-marine:
Electric equipment:
Dianamo capacity 40-50KW, 110 voltage-220 V
Electric lighting system in living
The average acquy 4:12V-100Ah used to boot the machine and extra machine, using electricity to devices such as positioning, radio …

Bringing fish ashore
Marine equipment:
1 Radio
1 long range transmitters
1 positioning device
1 set of chart areas
Mining equipment:
1 tractor hydraulic or electrical questions
1 small stone mill
Crane pulley system
Net fishing bait
Fishing baskets
Discount fishing

The structure of fishing tools
The sentence is a specific form of fishery exploitation of simple, general rule is to use bait to lure the fish eat the bait and hook.
The gold of the sentence includes the main parts: wire rope thẻo, sentence, sentence the Tula line borders, lock the swivel, hook, rope and buoy buoy ganh, along some other equipment.
Sangeeth line sentence:
Is the main sentence line links the entire sentence Gold built and assembled by the cost of PA diameter d = 2 mm, a total length of 20-30 knots. On line sections, each divided into the Tula area about 50 m they are linked together by twisting on a wire to twist lock sangeeth, is also the location to determine the distance between the thẻo sentence.
Wire thẻo sentence:
Is the link from the wire to the hook sentence sangeeth. The head of the thẻo sentence is linked to clamp the wire thẻo and Tula, Tula co locked against rotation, the last part of the line is the thẻo hook is associated with thẻo clamping tube. Material cost is thẻo PE wire has a diameter of d = 1, 8 mm, length from 22 to 25 m.
Rope borders clues:
Is a link between the wire and the Tula thẻo sentences with clamp lock and rotate. The texture is PE rope 4 mm long and 50 cm = d.
Is the lifebuoy has a diameter of D = 300 mm (used as a buoy yellow pepper sentences) and buoy-size bottles (500, F120), the material is PVC.
He floats: the 530
First sentence: 02 the buoy
Buoy flags: 20.
Rat line:
Rope material PE has a length of 10-15 m. Have shaped gold in certain depth to tap at the same time avoid the boats back and can break the wires sangeeth sentences.
The flag and the signal lamp:
These are parts that are attached along the line had the effect of Tula signals or signs to I can see Golden sentences easily at night. The ship used signal lamps mounted on gold questions mainly light touch.
The flag is usually mounted at the ends of the gold question to boats to avoid the sentence and determine the location of the gold. Fabrics commonly used flag is reflective of strong colors of fabric or reflective paint to be scanned.
The hook
The hook is made so that when the fish at the same time easy to eat fish hooked hard to loose. Requirements of the blade is sharp and materials to do the tongue is hard enough, the blade made of stainless steel.

3-held mining engineering
After you have fully prepared for entire ship crews to the fishing grounds to exploit the tuna.
The journey time from the port of Qui Nhon to fishing can last from 30 to 48 hours depending on the power of the small vessels, turbulent sea conditions, the crop, fishery school. …
The process of organizing the exploitation consists of the following stages:
Work: fuel, food, check the equipment, fishing tools and papers related to the sea tour.
Departure: the process of ship cruise to fishing grounds need to recheck the link on system tools, wire and hook system, coming back xếpp wire rope thẻo, Tula system in basketball, preparing bait before dropping the sentence.
The process of dropping the sentence: to move the basket under the sentence, thẻo, Tula buoy struggling, bait to normal position in the beam left and right.
Assigned to crew in the following location:
A drop wire sangeeth
A wire link wire, thẻo buoy struggling with wires sangeeth.
A bait hook
The two currency drag thẻo out of the basket and put the hook.
Drop a buoy flags.
The sailors rest help the other work in the extraction process.
Drop the sentence:
The captain selected the wind direction, the direction of the water and decided to drop the optimal direction. Need to ensure in the process drop-ship: under the wind, the last sentence of water, avoid the sentence being entangled in boat propellers.
When the captain gave the order to drop the sentence then a buoy sailor beginning sentences associated with flag down water, a buoy sailor drop wires, one sailor drop thẻo sangeeth sentences, a drop he buoy (Buoy he was fitting as follows: For a thẻo, we attached a buoy ganh) then captain for cruise ships in the direction set at this line the Tula question from thẻo, from the drop down to the end of sentence and gold Captain will control the head wind the gold question a sight to see.
The speed of a bait hook from 2-4 blade/minute.
The speed drop from 400-600 m/min or 500/1 h blade. Time to drop the nets from 2 h-0230.
Start dropping the sentence from 14 h-17 h 30.
Soak the sentence:
Time to soak the sentence about 2 hours, soak the sentence as long as catching efficiency high, but soaking too long will affect the quality of fish products. During immersion, the sentences often drifting under the stream of water flow so that higher catches.
Currency questions:
Currency question was conducted according to the guidelines released after currency before, when the currency question, then the layout as follows:
The number 1 position: hands control of clutch receivers and directed by sangeeth sentences into your currency.
# 2: sailor stands the receiver has the task of arranging the wires and remove the hook opening the Tula.
Position 3: pull thẻo.
Number four: the crew pull buoy struggling, struggling, and wrap.
No. 5-6: The currency thẻo for thẻo into the basket.
No. 7: sailors help the other sailors as removed flag floats, buoys, pulled the fish.

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