Fishing experience the South West people of Vietnam (pt1)

Fishing, It sounds simple but It’s actually extremely complex. Not always the same fish on bait, how is like  the “Predator”. Southwest old people fishing very delicate, especially the people living in the countryside. From time to time, each type of fish they are different from the corresponding conditions for the crop and canals river system.

In April, the rainy season has come a long way. Muddy water from flowing down the country roads caused rivers turbid river water cool this season. This time, the fish began spawning key paper. Villagers used rice crickets, crickets for fishing spawning paper latches, latch buffalo, mouse key. But there is a very unique type of bait that is very sensitive and is golden eggs. The rainy season, on the trunk of mango, shells, the steering wheel, you have multiple dwelling ants and lay eggs. Peasants used a pole length, forcing rackets made of cloth nets early and handed pole to pole breaking eggs drive.

There are two ways of ending the sentence with fishing rod and the cast. Throwing more complex sentences, many are short hook to one end of the beam length 30-40 “size” (ie meters) per blade spaced 8 “inches” (8cm). Tie the other end to a tree or rock when cast iron, stone weight of the beam will pull straight out and sink to the bottom slit.
After the hook bait, anglers standing on the bridge or the river, holding the stones thrown into the river beam. Done, they had started on pole beam remaining in the water for long and sink plug heart close the incision and then wait for the fish to eat the bait. Just as long as they spit cigarette remnants pole up, put beam to remove the fish ashore.
People with the canoe after canoe drop the hook bait on beam. This type of sentence less tangle boat, can drop more rapidly rường question.
The 1940, 1950 of the last century, in the rivers Long Xuyen – Chau Doc has many key individuals. The paper latches, latch buffalo, fat mouse key, bringing the size of a big toe with pepper, add delicious greaves all know. Every day, people drop the grand stand at the water or standing water net, while weak water, eat fish are less well off and the beam. In the fall, just toss a couple of plays are enough fish to eat all day. Young children countryside at that time whom did love fishing latch.
Plug cloves May: In May, June turbid river water increasingly, young children like the plug catch shrimps. The size 8 feet long bamboo branch was announced as longlines tie, tie the other end worm bait. When big countries, we along the river’s edge, the edge of the incision to plug a dozen rods and holding the blade does not follow basketball. Seeing how shaken rope, then gave up basketball so light contact quickly, how well are few cloves of seaweed, cloves land, sucking silver stalks prey. This type of sentence is only small children like adults, little is still neglected, they are busy with other types of sentence catch more fish.

July jumped off shore countries: in July, a large water overflowed, crossing the garden, spilling over a mile, submerged under the cane makes cloud worm mounds residing in the high yielding varieties start moving up the hill. By convention, where the water spills to fish shrimp under there. We also know there will be a high place should earthworm mounds along the cane, potato mounds and hillocks to feasting earthworms likewise. So if you see a struggling fish in the water is equivocal cane mounds peasants as plugging rod. They plug along places that fish counter. Such shallow eaters usually walking catfish, yellow catfish, loaches fish, catfish, small bottom fish are not big fish up shallow Feeding in this manner. Many people do not plug that stretched into streams, one 5-10 hooks spaced about a “ruler” (1 meter) or closer. They do not grab two hooks too close otherwise, this tongue stick fish when other fish will not dare to eat the bait in that there are two hooks near the sides.
Plug bait or land flap sentences unfurl under the new domestic season mound cattle on the earthworm garden bait usually because most of snakehead fish, catfish for bait at this time is for the earthworms. This season, earthworm mounds put up high so the water is easy to avoid digging. Two popular types of worms that most fish and earthworms earthworm tiger blood. Rice worms, they do not like by, more earthworms not chewy rice as the other two types of worms, fish on the edge soon run out, less wear and bait anglers should use.
John sentences in August: August, has flooded the country. Now villagers really strung fishing season the snakehead, catfish season on the rice fields. Large copper, deep water there is little question that John needed to plug the flow with very long sentences, crossing many land flap, wiggle through, puddles, ponds, fish intercession is full of fish. Want to question what kind of fish is that tongue: the tongue casting snakehead fish, catfish with hooks ó seal, fish also falls strabismus, both on the hook we use promising signs have smaller ó the type of catfish. Professional anglers who also has five or less, seven hundred sentences, much to the few “natural” is commonly sentence. Nearly the afternoon against the co-bait boats, canoes sleep drop the column and wait “to visit” the first sentence; … just like the bait hook until you see enough against the boat back home. Far from the coffee curtain prepared, rice, paddy, pots, wood torch, salted fish, beans Obviously, oil lamps, bait during fishing site a week or ten days. Bait is also carrying enough according to the number of days in the fields. They usually spread in the big field in Binh Di Bac Nam, feverishly, Eight Thousand, Dong Thap Muoi … On the boat plug to sleep, lay along the way, at one turn and instead visit the bait, then swept the morning. Fish is if alive, stretched wide in the boat, if it has been overwhelmed by the dried sawn salt, fish sauce. There are also many fishing boats to buy, the greater the spread hit the sell down to lightweight canoe. In ancient times, the perennial question few people spread selling live fish, large fish they usually live and then take home, if only to sell more than the field house. This season the fish are usually spread snakehead, walking catfish, yellow catfish.
Pictures 4Cau John, a specific type of sentence Southwest river region (Photo ST)
John sentences in the big field of water flooded into the season, “first secretly, stealthily neck” is usually two or three canoes unfurl a field general. They find a place to park the boat together to help each other when needed. Danger occurs on copper is multifaceted, but the most likely is solid. Land cobra swimming in the water and the boats often pull over to hide in the wood bundle, bundle of coconut leaves that carry the following question to the people behind the boat or canoe tip. Who go far this season sets were very careful when collecting firewood. They also carry local snake conclave case will draw the poison baits between VND save water this immense level plain.
September, October: In September, October, strabismus operators who want to fish, bait fish shrimp prepared on the same type of pain in the neck hooks small hook expectations. The fish and shrimp shrimp bait enjoyed as easy to find this season. Until the god of rice farmers, peasants to take clove cloves layer placed as bait to spread, more convenient than having to go into contact cloves.
Recoilless water season (ie Sprint), anglers switch to the spread of crab bait. Now rice is flowering so foxtail weeds and plantains grow very thick, want to spread with new question people have to cut the grass, clean the stream. Each flow occupies an area the width estimated birth size swimming to the boat, and the length depends on the selected person or stream flow short term. John question this way is spread underground, the flow field close to the ground pavilion, as crab bait alive, thus clearing the stream purposes is to have a place crawling crabs to fish seasoned beef back to Predator. Want prey live longer, one more hook hooks into the ring, avoiding eye hook into coveralls or two crab crab would otherwise quickly die, refuses to eat snakehead fish processing. Crab fishing usually sticky question snakehead fish bait almost a gram kilometers, rarely seen small snakehead fish hooked bait crabs, which suggests groundwater often eat large fish (bottom feed) also small fish feeding well, like at the beginning of the season on the water fishing site.
Water was then going there to snatch the North Wind, frozen fish, teeth should ê sliced ​​more like Predator. Fishers used fish parts as bait or slicing snail, snail large slice strabismus. As for the other seasons are mostly clones bait or bait runs (fish parts, fish net net, fish, iron, fish full moon). These categories both catfish and snakehead fish both love.
November, December: The countries of the Council this month has been exhausted, rice is also about nine seasons, the people no longer canoeing up again, but at the same set that was switched to drop the catch of fish in canals for fish has also begun Pull down. This time, big snakehead fish is still very much in the fields. We stick to the lung, the pool of people returned to the plug with a new style and snail bait. Larger fish usually wrapped after getting his tongue into stubble should rarely miscarried.
These months recoilless water, the fish started down the river, economic and canals. Who question the chosen fishing site spread in rivers and canals are specialized people in need, then select the few original sentences in shells, the original desk, piles of scrub. They perch fishing, ocean perch, fish waterfall strabismus, tire track eel fishing. Ground cloves bait is because this is the favorite dish of this fish species. But it comes with the river should not fail to mention the season, cloudy water, fishing honored sesame, fish, fish Summer May, 6th lunar month. With fish, carp bait honor the sentence by foxtail weeds, weeds grow much in the rice fields, very easy to find. As for fishing bait he then leaves crow shit, balls roasted nuts. Many farmer said that the ancient people used to cut the cord a crow shit, tied into bunches and hung in there for is the rub angle to lure fish. Bream honor, he fishes, fish odor is elected themselves heard again. Until they elected a lot, wedged preen leaves stirs shit crows, the new sentence bait hook foxtail weeds, seeds roasted balls, leaves crow shit, drop down the side. Instant fish rushed to bite, the question needs to be just startled fish stick.
Into December, January, almost fish into the river before. If there is only snakehead, catfish, perch still stuck on the intercession profusely, lung, puddle. The area has many sedge, these fishes are bewitched in the field of algae sludge should not rush into rivers and canals. The one down soon elderly often fascinated sentences click, drag, waiting to welcome the road in less than rub, large stumps as shells, cork … They question the need by the long, short strings of about 3 meters (m) . Bait fishing is the fifteenth season, climbing perch, sea perch with two fingers horizontally. Just sitting in the canoe that drop the nose, every day can earn 5-10 fish ki-lo-gram. Without boats, they went ashore slitting, roll needs in many voids or tree lot snakehead fish also.
Perch fishing season starting in August, October 9. This month, on the rice fields are in water season. A canoe just glance alone has seen a shoal barbs, anabas rushed under eat rice pollen falling on the water. People often perch fishing canoeing fishing, from morning to evening in question when a cavity filled canoe. Bait for ants eggs, crab, crab tentatively peel, locusts, grasshoppers, scum spider on the leaf. Due perch fishing season in August so easy, in September at the village market, rural market and sell more fish perch question ignores the ground. Shrimp catch fish pre easy should also cheap.
Who do not have boats to bring basketball to the contract, canal, find somewhere shady and not entangled vegetation barbs fishing, commercial fishing, fish greasy least. Roasted bran bait is very fragrant, bait is a red or yellow beads, providing hooks pierced through and then use only non-hybrid force to stop beaded slip out. Question with no barbed blades, small expectations, short-nose bent from the needle to sew clothes. Aromatic roasted bran bait discharge on the water, fish aroma elected hear back. No need to wait nibble fish, anglers just lifting, lowering need instant hand up and down, all rhythm. Fish is a great find bait beads, they are swallowed and caught in the hook. When fish sticky question, they did not stop to remove fish that just slightly lower basket first need to fit with a range of tips to the fish stick sentences automatically fall off.
Western people also have very unique question types, such as in the season, because the country is in the floor so nobody will see flocks of walking catfish swimming, hiding some heat around the house. Children are just sitting on the floor, drill a hole, the walking catfish bait worms by. Catfish stick much because they are very seasoned food. Women then pounced fishing (fish), fish bait cockroach wings close by: God has twilight, they canoeing down the river or even in the yard, where the rice lord. Their hands holding a fishing rod in one hand, the type bamboo palm (ie halved coconut shells coconut meat was scraped off, often people do scoop Country) filled with water, and then pour the water down to lure the fish to gather. When listening to the smell of cockroach wings, they gathered together to win the spoiled bait and jerk.
Fig 3Vao flooding season, just sitting on the floor can be fishing (Photo ST)
There is the old anglers as bait for fishing remedy very unique prism as those who have question this bait “fish stick is pulled onto the boat, drop tail brought back tight, a little later will re-arrested for a new mother. ” The remedy is transmitted from 1957 include: flexible work Fish thoroughly, cut two pieces of meat two sides back, bringing mixed with chopped bacon with your finger. All component parts and pork meat are incubated in a jar improvement from mangoes with herbs include anise dishes, small anise, licorice. Primer annealing 5-7 days is brought to fishing steering. Later, people also use these three types of herbs mixed with fish sauce identify key components have taken turns sauce, layered shrimp as bait, fish loaches very favorable reviews.
Go to the season, depending on the terrain lung, patent pools which villagers add Drop sentences with buoys. This kind of simplicity, the beam does not need long, just a float made of reeds 4-5 cm long. Reed pipe between short a length of about 8 inches thanks to you with a hook at the end of casting or pain in the grapes. Bait worms or cut bait is hooked up to the tongue, then the smaller the sentence, inserted two very compact reed pipe end to the non-adhesive hooks, tangled together. All reeds with hooks, with this bait is contained in a bag. Fishers on the shoulder carry bag, or left on board the boat, to the lung- fish pools. They trim the grass a very empty place, taking the reed pipe, put in place hookers just moved, and then continue to move elsewhere for the next question … Personal tube hooked to this type rarely miscarried, as they swallowed the bait , said stick blade, according to survival instincts will wrap himself in the grass root to escape. But more and more entwined, the more stuck. This type of question is similar sentence should Underground fish are usually the snakehead, catfish yellow, white catfish.
The innovative research through hundreds of years to earn a living has contributed to the culture of fish found only in the Southwest of Vietnam.

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