Amaebi (Japanese) or Pandalus borealis is a species of shrimp living in the cold water of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Many different English name used to refer to this shrimp species, with little consensus: deep-water shrimp (deep water prawns), cold water shrimp (shrimp, cold water), northern shrimp (Northern shrimp), Alaskan pink shrimp (shrimp chìAlaska), pink shrimp (shrimp lead), northern red shrimp (Northern red shrimp), Greenland prawn (tômGreenland-in the United Kingdom). Often the word shrimp is replaced by from prawn, although not exactly.

In Japan, it is also known as Akaebi countryred/North Hokkoku shrimp, ebi Nanban or Tongarasahi. This shrimp season is winter, although they can be found all year round thanks to the large number of imports from Greenland and Canada. Domestic catches every year is about 2,000 tons in Hokkaido and 800 tons in Ishikawa Prefecture.

They are a species of shrimp is famous for sex: they are bisexual. Start them as males, but after a two-year turn into testes, ovaries and complete our life are the children. However, if the number of many children, males will delayed the transformation of them. Conversely, if there is a shortage of females, males will transform sooner, all because the intention of reproduction.

They are called the Ama ebi/Sweet shrimp, sweet shrimp in Japan because they are so sweet after a few days in the fridge, while fresh not sweet to me. They are very tasty when making sashimi alone, in salads or a piece of sashimi. Of course when we made sushi is also very delicious.

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