How to process the huge lobster and enjoy it

In the summer is the season that lobster prices is down lower, and many people like to eat this tasty shellfish in seafood and sea promenade or other outdoor activities. I enjoyed in the sultry summer evening, sitting behind the patio eating freshly steamed lobster, accompanied with chilled white wine, laughing with good friends. If this is how you like it but you not know how to eat a raw peeled and large lobsters, I hope the following guidelines will help you a little confidence.

The lobster is a kind of delicious Hunter products especially it contains plenty of high nutritional value. According to traditional methods, the lobster is still processing the way cleaning or boiled. However not everyone knows Italian Somaliland LY hung shrimp dishes properly. In the us the lobster dishes from the success of the gentlemen.

So have you already known the preliminary processing of shrimps hum how to be the best?

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Here is a bonus and wanted the lobster right xành melodies from Mrs. Melissa Bouchard, chef for the renowned seafood restaurant Dimilo’s on the Water, in Portland (Maine, USA). In the summer the restaurant are on average more than 300 lobster to serve customers.

When selecting the lobster you should select the most healthy life, it has many different colors. However when nine up they all have a common color that is red brick.

Fresh lobster is delicious when catching up they were very dirty, two more and the bride up to fight back. These are processed immediately after the catch will be the most delicious. Can still preserve them in moist towels with ice compartment up to the top. However it takes delicious poison.

People to the lobster to fresh water after they were forced back, while living in freshwater environments, they shocked and in a Flash of death.

The tradition still boiled or steamed lobster. Lobsters are clean then do nine during the period 10 to 25 minutes.

When eating lobsters to paper long since this food dishes are also pretty much taste.

Shrimp skewers and meat grip is the indispensable when making lobster meat.

When lobsters are cooked to taste the lobster by separating each small piece of shrimp out with the tools available.

Pliers is the tool to the fucking the huge shrimp and more oblique wing to get the meat out of sturdy kitin class start Bunting.

Attention should not skip the meat in the leg shrimp. A hand giữphần head down under, on the other hand lift the shrimp tail backwards and up. Twisted tails of shrimp to separate out his tail shrimp.

A shrimp and skewer the meat is certain to have.

Break away as part of smaller shrimp.

Use the small meat skewer to swirl out of shrimp meat as possible.

Attention should not skip the meat in the leg shrimp (shrimp with shrimp themselves more connected parts).

Move through the stages of processing shrimp tail section.

A hand giữphần head down under, on the other hand lift the shrimp tail backwards and up. Twisted tails of shrimp to separate out his tail shrimp.

Shrimp tail section is still a little meat and a little bit of green, which should remove the little blue substance.

The other part of the lobster meat is also contain more shrimp and shrimp for his part under the hard shell. In case the client difficult peeling shrimp, cutting knife shrimp restaurant is 2 parts.

Lobster eaten with the sauce was concocted with care. Worship can use them with Suop and chips.

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