Some kind of lobster

For many people, seems to be the most natural habitat of the lobster is on a fork cartouche placed between butter and lemon.

Cold water lobster
True, only a few of the hundreds of species of lobsters are caught for commercial reasons. But a handful of this species is the species most heavily exploited in the ocean, creating a business worth many billions of dollars, with more than 180,000 tons a year worldwide.
In the United States and Europe, people often eat cold water lobster catches in the North Atlantic Ocean. There are also tropical lobster species are broad consumer, but they are the species no more and called the lobster and the hat.

Muni Shrimp

As living things bottom, lobsters are present in most of the oceans of the world, as well as in brackish and fresh water. They have poor eyesight but taste and a highly developed sense of smell. They eat fish and krill, but also eat algae, grass and even other lobster.
The lobster bearing eggs the belly up to one year before launching them in the form of larvae into the water. The larvae go through several stages in the water column before settling to the bottom, where they lived the rest. They generally prefer to live in the cave dug in the rock, slot, or hiding in the seaweed. Lobsters are peeled in order to grow, some species can live 50 years or more, grew constantly when alive.

Japanese lobster
Lobsters are not always precious dishes. In the United States in the 17th and 18th centuries, the lobster so much so that they are used as fertilizer. The law also prohibited even raising the servant by the lobster more than 2 times a week. However, progress in transport on 19th and 20th century brought fresh lobster to the distant town, and its reputation as a fine food developed.

The number of species of economic value of lobster has been in decline, overfishing, especially lobsters have as in Europe, are suffering heavy losses. Furthermore, pollution causes rot and other diseases for the species have common disease prevention mechanism.

* Specification
Living in the wild: 50 years
Size: up to 1 meter.
The largest lobster was caught in heavy long 0.9 kg, 20.14 Canada-1.2 meters. Scientists think it live at least 100 years.
In Vietnam there are many lobster in the middle area, but due to too much fishing, today has been exhausted. However, lobster farming industry has thrived.

Muni Shrimp  has much from North to South, Quang Ninh, Thanh Hóa, Central, Vung Tau, Kien Giang Province, but the number has decreased very much.
In Japan, the smaller lobster but famous throughout the world, known as Ise Ebi, or Kamakura Ebi. The number of about 1000 tons/year. Japan imported about 10000 tons mainly from Australia and New Zealand.

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